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Payment Terms

Pay on delivery

You pay the full amount of your order by the time you received it from the courier. The extra charge is 3 €, in addition to the total amount of your order.

For orders higher than 500€ (total invoice amount or retail receipt, VAT included) no cash payment is possible. In that case the transaction needs to be paid either by bank transfer or credit/debit card.


Credit or Debit Card

Your credit/debit card will be charged after you have entered and verify your card credentials. The charge can be made even if some of the items are not available and must be ordered by suppliers. The client is the absolute responsible for the correct verification of the truth debit/credit card details and Globalsat assumes no responsibility in case any error occurs. Accepted cards are Visa & MasterCard.

You can pay in installments on your credit card with the following installment policy:

  • Purchases (total amount of invoice or retail receipt) from € 60 to € 300: 6 installments
  • Purchases (total amount of invoice or retail proof) over 300 €: 12 installments


MyBank™ service

With MyBank™ service you deposit the amount of your order directly from your bank account through Eurobank's secure e-Banking environment. No credit, prepaid or debit card needed. Payment is made by direct debiting your account - through your bank's e-banking.