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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
 The security and privacy of your personal data is a top priority for our company. We have created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate to you how we commit ourselves to treating you fairly about your personal data. Please read carefully the terms and the company's policy to learn about our privacy practices and privacy and data protection. By using our website, you accept unconditionally the practices described below in the Privacy Policy.This Privacy Policy applies only to personal data gathered by our company at and does not apply to any other company that may be affiliated with our company within a group of companies. Please be aware that the Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. Whenever this happens, we will publish a notice on the website informing you of the mediated modification and you will be invited to accept the modified terms of this policy. By using the website, you consent to collect, use and disclose your personal data under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

COMPANY, created this website for the sole purpose of servicing its customers. is simple and user-friendly and has been designed to meet the specific needs of each user. In order to achieve your best service, it is important for you, our customer, to understand that you must provide us with specific information regarding the handling of your order and which are preserved by us.
This Privacy Policy and the attached Terms and Conditions of this website describe the method of data collection from, the use of this data by us and the terms and conditions of use of this website. This Privacy Policy only refers to your personal data that you provide to us during your orders on this site.
Personal Data
Consent By accepting this privacy policy, you provide us with your express and unreserved consent to the use and general processing of your personal data in accordance as specifically defined herein. Personal Data.
What kind of information we collect
We collect your personal data so that we provide the services offered on the website in an efficient and effective way. The type of data we can collect with your consent is: your name, your contact information, your address, details of your bank account and credit card you use for payments, details of your use of website and your IP address. If an invoice is issued, the following are still required: Tax Code, Tax Number, Professional Activity, Name. This may also include content such as reviews or other comments about the products we trade and which you download to our services to share with other users. The most important thing is that it always depends on you if you choose to provide us with such information.Depending on how you interact with our services, we may collect or process the following categories of personal data through the three different ways we explained above.
Contact info:
such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other similar information.• Payment Details:such as your credit or debit card number, expiration date, and verification code when you place an order 
  • Device and location details:
general details from your device, such as the IP address, model, brand, model, and operating system of your device, specific location data that is based on GPS data from your mobile device (when you give us access to this information through your device's settings), and a non-specific location based on your IP address.

  • Use and profile Creation information:
your search history in Globalsat and your product preferences, how you interacted with our services, including the time you spend on the site the pages, features or functionality you have acquired, links you have clicked to redirect to or from the services us.

  • Preferences information:
selected preferences related to your Globalsat account, including specific consents you gave or declined, email and push notifications preferences, and cookies that contain your ads preferences.

  • Communication information:
includes communications we receive from you, such as feedback, requests for help and queries via email and other online communication methods such as online chat, instant messaging or social media, and metadata related to this information such as time and date.

  • User-created or generated content:
content you upload to our services including comments, reviews, recommendations and preferences and metadata, such as the time and date associated with that content, and any information you submit to us during any correspondence you may have with us , such as, views.

  • Social media information
the e-mail address is automatically collected by us from the third-party social networking platform through which you connect to Globalsat.
Our services are not intended for children under the age of 13 and no information should be provided on or through our services by people under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 13 and if we learn that we have collected or received data that was not provided by or with the explicit consent of the child's parent or legal guardian.
Personal Data - how and when we collect them

Your personal data is collected using the following methods:
  1. We collect information you provide us voluntarily when using GLOBALSAT services.
  2. 1. In such cases, you grant us the above information by filling out the relevant forms on our website. Here are all the above personal details, especially name, address, contact details (telephone and e-mail address) details of your bank account and credit card you use for payments
  3. 2. We reproduce or collect some information from your computer or device automatically while using our services. This includes information such as your IP address, information about the device and the browser you use to access our services, the URL of the site from which you visited us. Also included are details about the products you have placed in the shopping cart from our website. We may also know your location from your mobile phone or your IP address. This helps us improve your experience and make sure you get the most relevant content.
3. We receive them from third parties: Sometimes we receive information about you from third parties, depending on how you choose to interact with us. For example, when you visit our site through a promo partner or when you sign in to your GLOBALSAT account using the social media sign-in feature.
How long do we store your personal information?
We only retain your data for as long as we need it or we need to keep it for legal reasons. Then we either delete them or anonymize them so they do not identify you. We handle the data differently depending on why you are using it, but you can ask us to delete your personal data at any time.We keep your personal data only for as long as necessary. This depends on why they were collected or whether we have a consistent legal basis to do so (such as fulfilling a contract between us, performing a service you have requested, or legitimate interests). We assure you that if we no longer have a legal or legal requirement to process your personal information, we will delete or store it in such a way that it no longer identifies you.We apply different retention policies for the different types of personal data, taking into account:• The purpose for which personal data is collected.
  • How much time will be needed to achieve this goal, and
  • Any specific reason or overriding legal obligation to keep personal data for a specified period of time.Also, if you have an account with us, we will retain personal information, such as your email address, name and other information, so that you can sign in and access our services as long as you have an account. We may keep other information indefinitely - such as site activity linked to an IP address - that we use to help us understand our travelers, improve our products and services, and protect our business interests.Regardless of the retention period, you may, in some cases, ask us to delete your personal data. Learn more about how to manage your personal information in the "What are your options and rights" section of this policy.Personal data - What we do with them - how we use themWe use your personal data for the following purposes:
  •  In order to be able to execute the orders of the products you submit to the platforms of our website.
  •  To be able to track the progress of a product order that you have submitted or to manage it in the event of an abnormal development.
  •  To send you information and information related to your interests (wherever you have agreed).
  •  To let you know about new products (where you have agreed).
  •  We inform you of changes to the terms of use of the site and to this data policy.
  •  To analyze the use of the site in order to improve its content, its structure and layout and its services.
  • • For promotional purposes: You will see different ads when you use our services and you may see GLOBALSAT ads on other platforms. These ads may come from us or from third parties and may be personalized to be more interesting to you. The information used to personalize the ads you see may include your information regarding searches you have made to GLOBALSAT or general information but will never include your name, contact information or other information that will allow your identification off-line.If you want to manage how your information is used for promotional purposes, you can learn more in our Cookies Policy.Access to your personal information will also include the following persons:When we accept payment from you for goods and services, we will share your personal data with financial institutions and institutions as far as it is necessary to make the payment and to avoid fraudulent use of a credit card, etc. (please be aware that Globalsat is not responsible for the use made by that financial organization in your personal data then). Wherever we think it is necessary to comply with the law, to cooperate with law enforcement and to seek help from them, to prevent crime and protect national security, then we can disclose your personal data to those persons who are related to this purpose.
  • When are your information communicated / transmitted or collected to and from third parties?
We only disclose your information when you request it when it is a necessary part of our cooperation with you and the provision of services when you ask for it or when we have to do so for legal reasons.
We share information about our users in selected third parties that provide us with various services that support the delivery of our services (let's call them "third party processors"). These third processors may be, for example, technical infrastructure providers, customer service tools, and authentication tools. We require that any third-party processor who processes information on our behalf does so in accordance with the contractual terms that require the safe retention of information, its processing in accordance with applicable data protection laws and their use only on the basis of our instructions and not for the purposes of this third-party processor (unless you have explicitly given your consent to do so). Third-party processors may be located or processed outside of your country. If our use of a third-party processor involves the transfer of personal data from Europe to a location outside the European Economic Area, we will apply appropriate measures to ensure adequate protection of personal data in that location, usually by application of standardized contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, and strong security controls. Third-party types of data we may share with your personal data include the following:
  • Payment processors to whom we have secured the safe storage or handling of payment information, such as credit or debit card information, required to facilitate bookings with travel agents - for example, when you provide us with your credit or debit card details, we store them on a PCI-compatible data port provided by a top third payment processor,
  • E-mail management and distribution tools - for example, if you sign up to receive Globalsat newsletters or other marketing messages, we will manage delivery to you using a third-party email distribution tool,
  • Fraud Prevention and Security Providers - for example, we use these providers to identify automated software agents that may disrupt our services or to prevent misuse of our APIs,
  • Data aggregation and analytics software providers that enable us to monitor and optimize the delivery of our services efficiently,
  • Software platform providers that help us communicate with you or provide customer support - for example, we manage and respond to any messages you send us through the help center using a third-party communications management tool,
  • Recruitment Management Service Providers - for example, when applying for a GLOBALSAT job, we use a third-party tool to manage and store any information about your application,
  • Cloud storage online service providers and other core IT support services,
  • Some third parties may also collect information from you, such as advertisers, marketing networks and affiliates (see How do we advertise?) Using cookies and similar technologies. For example, your IP address and events associated with your activity may be collected and transmitted to those third parties. The information collected in this way will never include the name, contact information or other information that would allow you to identify yourself offline.
Disclosure of information for legal and other reasons
We may also disclose your information if this is deemed necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of illegal or suspected illegal activities, including fraud, or for the prevention of other damages or, whenever necessary, in response to legally binding requests, any legal action against us or the enforcement of our rights and claims.
How do we keep your personal information secure?
Our highest priority is to maintain your personal data. We restrict access only to Globalsat employees who need to contact your information to take all the necessary actions until delivery of the ordered products or services.
Unfortunately, we can not guarantee full security for any site, but we've created a security plan for the entire company, which is designed to keep your personal data as safe as possible. It uses a set of technical, organizational and administrative security measures and best practice techniques, depending on the type of data being processed.
For example, the computer systems we use to store your data have access restrictions and cloud-based servers that use industry-level disk encryption. We use TLS and HTTPS encryption to protect your personal data when we transfer it over the Internet. We also perform security evaluations on third-party processors that handle your data.
Furthermore, we provide Globalsat employees with extensive training on data protection and privacy protection. We develop our services with the aim of using the least possible amount of personal data, including through the use of data minimization techniques such as anonymization and pseudonymization. Also, whenever we develop or update our services in ways that involve the collection or use of new forms of personal data, we conduct an impact assessment on privacy to understand and reduce the likelihood of any unintended consequences for you.

Where do we store your information?
Your data is safely stored in databases within our company, which has taken care of adopting the appropriate technical methods to ensure limited and necessary access only by specially empowered employees.

Personal Data - What You Cannot Do with It
We do not maintain your personal data for any purpose other than those expressly referred to in this Privacy Policy. Nor do we disclose your personal data to anyone other than the ones mentioned above.

What are your options and rights?
At any time, you may have access to your personal data maintained by Globalsat to modify, correct or update this data. Please note that we may need to ask you to verify your identity before proceeding with your request.
You may also at any time request the permanent removal of your personal data held by Globalsat. To do so, please click on the "My Account" link. Following this request, we will cease to use and make your personal data available (except as provided by law).We will also delete all of your personal data from our system, except those contained in emails, correspondence, or other documents that may be necessary to prove the terms of our contractual relationship with you. Please note that we may need to ask you to verify your identity before proceeding with your request.A summary of your rights under the provisions of Law 2472/1997 (as amended and currently in force) and the GDPR Regulation for the Protection of Individuals from the Processing of Personal Data.Globalsat guarantees that your personal data will:1.They have fair and legitimate processing. In particular, Globalsat will demonstrate transparency in the processing of individuals' personal data.2.They are collected only for clear and legitimate purposes and are not further processed in a way incompatible with these purposes. In the event that Globalsat decides to process further personal data, then the explicit consent of the person to whom the data relates is necessary.3. It is relevant, appropriate and not more than required at any time for processing purposes. Globalsat will collect and maintain relevant information if it is necessary to fulfill functional and administrative conditions or to comply with any legal obligation.4. They are accurate and, if necessary, updated. Globalsat will in particular implement a system of 'checks' to confirm that the data collected and processed are accurate and current.5. They will be kept in a format that permits identification of the data subject not for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or for the purposes that were subsequently processed. Globalsat will implement procedures to confirm that your personal information is maintained with established retention criteria.6. They are processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject as these rights have been established by the EU Directive. Globalsat will ensure that the rights of the data subject can be fully exercised. In particular, the right to information about the processing undertaken, the right to access to personal data, the right to object to the use of personal data for direct advertising purposes, and the right to correct personal data that is inaccurate.7. Appropriate technical and administrative measures will be applied against the arbitrary or unlawful processing of personal data and against the accidental loss or destruction or damage to personal data.8. Personal data will not be transferred to countries outside the European Union unless an equivalent level of protection of the rights and freedoms of the underlying personal data is established and enforced regarding the management of exported data. Globalsat operates and manages the website. According to Greek Law 2472/1997, this company is the 'Processing Manager', regarding personal data we collect from the website. Summarily, your basic rights are as follows:• The right to know what information is kept about you in electronic form and in document files.• The right to be informed about the purpose of the processing of personal data, the recipients or the categories of recipients.
  • The right to be informed about any changes that have been made to our editing from our latest update to you.
  • The right to be informed about the methodology used in the process of automatic processing of personal data.
  • The right to be informed about the security measures imposed by the Data Protection Officer for the security of your personal data.
  • The right to be informed about a transfer of your information to third parties.
  • The right to take steps to stop processing your personal data if the treatment is likely to cause you material or material non-material damage when it is unjustified
  • The right to demand that your personal data not be used to promote various products, services and ideas.
• The right to prevent decisions taken on you based solely on automatic processing.• The right to be able to require the correction or destruction of personal data that is incorrect.• The right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data. You have the right to request a copy of your personal data, to correct, delete or restrict the processing of your personal data and to receive the personal data you have provided us in a structured, mechanically readable form. In addition, you may oppose the processing of your personal data in some cases (especially when we do not need to process data for a contractual or other legitimate claim). If you have requested your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. If you request to withdraw your consent to process your data from GLOBALSAT, this will not affect any processing already made during that period. These rights may be limited, for example if the fulfillment of your request would reveal personal information about another person, or if you ask us to delete information that we are required to maintain under the law or we have necessarily legitimate interests to preserve them. If you have concerns that have not been resolved, you have the right to complain to a data protection authority. To the extent that you are unable to properly exercise any of these rights through your profile, you may contact our Data Protection Officer by post to the following address: 21 Ploutarchou, Postal Code 15351, Pallini, tel. 2106664000. 
COOKIES and other technologies
We use a combination of cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons and tracking codes (explained below) to collect information for use in accordance with the purposes stated in this policy.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small data files stored on your computer or device. Cookies record things like your preferences and settings, helping us to get the information we need to provide you with the most consistent and interesting experience for you. We also use cookies to record information about experiments or new improvements that we can try to track how you use our services and see if they were effective.
Cookies on our site may be defined by us, by third parties with whom we partner or by independent third parties (such as advertisers).
What are web beacons and pixels?
Web beacons or pixels are small, transparent image files within a web page or e-mail. We use them to understand how you interact with our services or are redirected to a travel agent's website or application. We may use the pixel to confirm if you made a reservation with it and what a reservation it was.
We also use pixels to collect information as if you have emailed so we can improve our communications with you.
What are tracking codes?
Tracking codes are code fragments placed on the page to measure things like hits and interactions. We use tracking codes to learn more about how you interact with our services, the ads you see, and how you use them in general.
Dispute Resolution Procedure
If at any time you have questions or questions about this Code of Conduct for Privacy, or you think we have violated it, please contact us to resolve any questions you may have.
You have the right to object at any time to the use of your personal data. You should address this objection to Globalsat in writing and must contain a request for a specific action, such as correction, temporary non-utilization, commitment, non-transmission or deletion. Globalsat has the obligation to respond in writing within fifteen (15) days of receipt of your objection. In our answer, we must notify you of the actions we have taken or otherwise, for the reasons why we did not meet your request.