Samsung Wind Free Comfort WiFi AR24TXFCAWKNEU 24000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner

Samsung Wind Free Comfort WiFi AR24TXFCAWKNEU 24000 BTU Wall Air Conditioner

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Nominal Wattage: 24000
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Enjoy the coolness without feeling cold drafts
Wind-Free™ cooling


Enjoy comfortable conditions with Wind-Free™ cooling. It distributes air evenly* and quietly** from the 23,000 micro-holes, so you don't feel the unpleasant sensation of cold air currents directly on you. Its advanced airflow also cools larger spaces more evenly. And it uses 77% less energy than the Fast Cooling mode.



Enjoy a smarter lifestyle
AI Auto Comfort

Enjoy a smart lifestyle with AI Auto Comfort*. Automatically optimizes various functions by analyzing room conditions and usage patterns*. Based on your preferred temperature, it automatically adjusts to the most suitable mode to maintain optimal conditions.
* Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required. ** Stores users' data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most useful options.

Sleep better throughout the night
Wind-Free™ Good Sleep

The Wind-Free™ Good Sleep function creates the ideal sleeping conditions, without unpleasant drafts of cold air. Thanks to the temperature control with the Wind-Free™ cooling function you can sleep quickly, deeply and comfortably, and wake up refreshed.

Designed to cool faster, in larger spaces by reaching every point
Fast Cooling function

It cools the rooms in every corner, so that you are always comfortable. Digital Inverter Boost technology cools the air 43% faster. Its advanced design also has a 15% larger fan, 18% larger intake port and 31% wider fin. Thus the cold air is distributed further and in a greater radius, reaching up to 15 meters.



Control it remotely anytime, anywhere

Check the temperature in your home anytime and from anywhere. Using the SmartThings* app you can remotely control and monitor the operation of the air conditioner in one go. Or simply tell the artificial intelligence (AI) system* what you want** and it will take care of it. It even suggests the best settings.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required. ** Voice control is supported in English (US, UK, Indian), Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Portuguese will also be supported until the end of 2019.


It simply cleans itself – automatically
Auto Clean (3 steps)

Keep the inside of your air conditioner clean without doing anything at all! After its operation, the Auto Clean function automatically dries the heat exchanger using a 3-step process. Removes moisture by blowing air for 10 to 30 minutes. Thus, it prevents the accumulation of bacteria and odors.


Antibacterial filter with easy cleaning
Easy Filter Plus

Keeps your air conditioner running efficiently with less effort. The Easy Filter Plus is located on the outside, at the top, so it can be easily removed and cleaned. The dense mesh of the sieve keeps the heat exchanger clean and the anti-bacterial coating helps protect you against dangerous airborne pollutants*.

* Tests in Korean laboratories. Data measured under specific test conditions and may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.

Saves energy and money, with efficient cooling
ECO mode

Save energy by keeping your space cool. ECO mode uses the compressor to a lesser extent compared to normal mode, which reduces energy consumption. It allows for more efficient cooling of your space when it is not particularly hot or simply saves energy and money all the time, so you don't have to worry about the electricity bill.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Διαθέτει
  • Brand
  • Samsung
  • Color
  • White
  • Connectivity
  • Wifi, Samsung Smart Things
  • Cooling Energy Class
  • A++
  • Filter Type
  • Easy Filter Plus
  • Heating Energy Class
  • A
  • Maximum Watt
  • 2350
  • More Features
  • Wind Free Cooling, Fast Cooling, Good Sleep, Eco, Auto Clean(Self Cleaning)
  • Nominal Wattage
  • 24000
  • Type
  • Wall
  • Warm Zone Heating Energy Class
  • A++
  • Warranty
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