Sencor Air Cooler SFN 5011WH

Sencor Air Cooler SFN 5011WH

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Model: SFN 5011WH
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Air Cooler will provide your home or even office with 3 comfort functions – cooling, humidification and cleaning of air, and will help you to handle more than just the hot summer days.  


3-functions-in-1: cooling, humidification and cleaning of air 3 speeds, 3 modes and silent operation   


The air cooler can be intuitively operated via an easy-to-read LED display or remote control.


Easily set 3 fan speeds, select an appropriate mode or utilise a timer to set an operating time of 1/2/4/8 hours.


Automatic side-to-side motion of the front grille (Swing) can also be set from the display or the remote control.


This will ensure an even distribution of air flow.


The vertical air flow direction can be set manually.


The water tank of the air cooler has a capacity of up to 3 litres of water. It is removable, easy to fill and clean.


Cooling effectiveness can be further improved by using the included cooling packs (which you pre-cool in your freezer). 


The air cooler includes filter SFX 003, which is removable and can be cleaned repeatedly.


With proper care, its expected lifetime is up to three years.


If you plan to store the air cooler at the end of the summer season, then you will appreciated the "filter drying" mode – simply hold down the "Speed" button for 3 seconds and the 20-minute program will dry out the filter and prepare it for storage in optimal condition eliminating the risks associated with moisture such as mould formation or multiplication of microbes. 


Compact dimensions of the air cooler and its thought-out design enable easy handling.


You can always have it where you need it the most.


It is only up to you whether you grab it by the hand and carry it or - with a full water tank - simply push it to its new position. 


3-FUNCTIONS-IN-1 Air cooling Air humidification Air cleaning


3 SPEED LEVELS Speeds Low / Medium / High  Air flow speed up to 6 m/s




Natural mode imitates a natural breeze

Normal mode is for standard operation, cooling at a constant intensity 

Sleeping mode is for maintaining a pleasant climate for undisturbed sleep 


FEATURES: Remote control LED control panel 1/2/4/8-hour timer 


Front grille with automatic side-to-side Swing movement for even air flow distribution

3-litre removable water tank

Removable and cleanable filter

Function for thorough drying of the cooling insert prior to storage

Integrated handle and 4 travel wheels for easy handling

2 cooling packs for even more effective cooling




Air flow speed up to 6 m/s

Air flow rate 90 m³/h

Noise level: 45 – 57 dB depending on selected mode and speed

Coverage area 12 - 15 m2

Number of speeds 3

Horizontal grille movement auto swing

Vertical grille tilting manual

Power input 45 W

Height 59.5 cm

Width 22.7 cm

Depth 22 cm

Colour White

Weight 3.5 kg

  • Brand
  • Sencor
  • Color
  • White
  • Maximum Power in Watt
  • 45 W
  • Noise Levels (db)
  • 45 - 57dB
  • Remote Control
  • Yes
  • Special Characteristics
  • 3 λειτουργίες σε 1: ψύξη, υγροποίηση και καθαρισμός αέρα
  • Type
  • Air Cooling
  • Working Levels
  • 3