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Strategic Sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing service for GLOBALSAT Technology Accessories category is a comprehensive, specialized service that combines business processes and supply chain management processes, which requires continuous, consistent and systematic synchronization .
Our goal is to align our marketing strategy in the management of the Technology Accessories category with the respective commercial strategy of each partner-company for the product category, the development of a common direction with clear objectives, measurable and concrete results.
The synchronization of commercial strategies and supply chain management tactics with jointly determined actions provide a competitive advantage to our partner company, maximize the results of the actions being implemented, increase the number of sales significantly and improve their profitability.


Strategic Sourcing Services
As part of the Strategic Sourcing service for "Technology Accessories", GLOBALSAT is fully committed to all product development and management services, as well as the full range of supply chain management processes. More specifically:
  • Selection of the right product mix based on the goals and the strength of each customer-partner.
  • Negotiations and cooperation agreements with suppliers.
  • Storage and distribution of products in the customer's store or its central warehouses as well as systematic replenishment.
  • Systematic stock monitoring and management (returns of bad stock).
  • DOA Product Monitoring and Management Process.
  • Merchandising Services. Designing promotional actions at the customer's outlets.

GLOBASLAT partners who take advantage of Strategtic Sourcing service are: