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Distribution Services

GLOBALSAT assumes full support of its partners by providing comprehensive strategic planning services, product portfolio management, supply chain management and inventory management, and integrated marketing solutions.

More specifically, services provided are:
Managing Product Portfolio
We work closely with each of our customers, aiming at defining the product strategy we will take, taking into account market trends, new technologies, specific needs and market placement. We support our customers when launching a new product as well as throughout the product lifecycle. Our product portfolio includes more than 10,000 SKUs.
Distribution of products
We transport, package, distribute and manage products on behalf of our customers either in their central warehouses or in their branch network.
Warehouse & Inventory Management
We move thousands of devices and accessories accurately and consistently to our customers’ warehouses or branch network, provide information about real-time distribution activities, keep and manage our customers' inventory. We know the needs of our associates and we prioritize their immediate and effective service. We have a partneship with Golden Cargo, which provides high quality services tailored to the needs of our customers in the areas of management, storage and freight forwarding. It has privately owned facilities in Piraeus with a total area of ​​15,000m². The services it offers are recognized according to the international standard BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.
Integrated Marketing Solutions
We design and implement communication, sales and merchandising actions according to the needs of our customers, aiming at the privileged placement of products and increasing their sales. We understand the philosophy and principles of our customers in order to design promotional material, product presentation & signage at retail outlets, product training of our staff, on-line communication actions and social media management.