Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger 1C 20W EU Purple

Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger 1C 20W EU Purple

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Color: Purple
Model: CCGN050105
SKU: 13020958


Fast and compact, the new Baseus Gan5 charger promises very fast charging even very powerful devices, for example laptops.


Small in size, weighing just 41gr, it will charge your devices in no time thanks to the use of the latest Quick technology Charge 5.0, Power Delivery 3.0 & PPS.


The charger can be used for any device from smartphones, tablets and even for supplying power to laptops.


The new GaN technology is about a new type of semiconductor material made of gallium nitrate, offering greater thermal conductivity, resistance to radiation, greater resistance to high temperatures in relation with silicon semiconductors.


The total charging power is 20W.


It offers multiple protection features such as protection from over voltage, short circuit protection, overheating protection, low electromagnetic interference.


Its design allows for quick heat dissipation for proper functioning.

  • Amper
  • 3A
  • Charging Ports
  • Usb-C
  • Charging Type
  • Power Delivery
  • Color
  • Purple
  • Compatibility
  • Universal
  • Output
  • 20W
  • Type
  • Travel Charger