We offer integrated sustainability management solutions through the power of IoT

A single energy source of footprint management and sustainability data for your business

Through Globalsat’s integrated Sustainability Management Solution,

every business is able to collect, analyze and automate information relevant to sustainable development goals in order to increase its energy and environmental performance.

Through the FEM platform, businesses are able to reduce energy and operating costs, as well as ensure the comfort of its employees. Additionally, it enables building managers to improve the costs of their operations, increase the expected life circle of their equipment and improve the overall performance of the building.

A-to-Z solution that manages everything from devices to business intelligence​

Analytics that maximize energy efficiency

Continuously updated auditable reports tailored to corporate processes and targets​​

Machine Learning models that detect anomalies of any data pattern

Streamlining of sustainability ISO system management such as 50001 and 14001​ & 14001

Unprecedented 3D space modeling that minimizes facility management overhead

The platform provides a high-level overview of the building’s energy performance, historical data, advanced data analyses, comparison with previous time periods, groupings of energy and sustainability information, as well as deviations from the original energy budget through charts, reports, dashboards. At the same time, its functions include a wide range of installation management services, such as energy consumption per device / equipment, maintenance & supervision tasks, updates on the condition of the equipment and the installation, coverage and lighting of the area, sound levels, etc.

The FEM Platform

Why choose Globalsat’s Sustainability Management Solution

Reduce energy consumption costs through statistical analysis and optimal operation planning

Promoting green growth policies

Accuracy of measurements using electronic meters

Ease of installation due to Global sim with connection to multiple energy meters

Ease of installation due to the gateway with a Global sim that can be connected to multiple energy meters

Email notifications via user defined rules (user hierarchy)

Easy comparison of measurements for low/high consumption zone

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