We contribute to the sustainable future of our planet with integrated green energy solutions

We rebuild the future of our country through renewable energy sources

Through our partnership with the Portuguese Greenvolt Group and the creation of Greenvolt Next, we provide integrated green energy solutions for the modern business, fully covering its energy needs from production to consumption.

More specifically, our solutions concern the study, construction, maintenance and operation of self-consumption photovoltaic solar panels, as well as the development of Energy Communities for the production of energy from renewable sources. This way, we aim to promote social and solidarity economy in the energy sector, as well as the improvement of energy efficiency in local and regional level.

Greenvolt, started its operation in 2021 and has recorded an impressive development course, as it is among the fastest growing green energy production companies in Europe. The company has a presence in 16 countries and its three main activities focus on: Residual Biomass, Wind & Solar Energy Services, as well as distributed generation photovoltaic solutions.

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We support and believe in the emerging e-mobility market

Globalsat, as the official dealer of Blink Charging Hellas, undertakes the infrastructure and placement of EV charging stations in Greece and provides integrated services of supply, management and interconnection of charging stations.

Blink Charging Hellas is one of the largest providers of EV charging services worldwide and it also records:

  • 14 Years of Experience
  • 78.000+ Charging Stations
  • 450.000+ Blink Members
  • 27+ Countries of Operation

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We share the vision of WE ENERGY for a greener world

Globalsat-Teleunicom Group Companies is the official reseller of electricity services and green certificates of WE ENERGY.

WE ENERGY belongs to Eunice Energy Group (EEG), which is the first Greek Group to produce and distribute electricity exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources.
WE ENERGY is the only Greek provider that is able to provide official state and corporate certification, ensuring that the energy supplied to all its customers, comes exclusively from renewable sources, such as the sun and the wind.

Through this partnership, Globalsat provides its B2B customers with electricity services at preferential, competitive prices and guarantees that the energy supplied is 100% clean and green. This way, we promote green economy and reduce energy footprint, nationally and globally.

Our vision is that we, along with our customers, evolve to achieve a world of sustainable development and energy autonomy by conserving and enhancing our environmental resources.

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We provide top green energy equipment

Through our strategic partnership with Huawei Digital Power, we drive solar technology to the next level, offering smart PV inverter solutions for commercial and residential use.

Through this collaboration our goal is to bring solar energy solutions both for residential and professional use. We promote the innovative solution FusionSolar Smart PV Inverter by Huawei which by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and cloud interface, achieves optimal energy production and makes it possible to convert solar energy into a primary energy source.

Huawei Digital Power is pioneering in the FusionSolar Smart PV sector for over 30 years, promoting sustainable solar energy as a primary energy source. The technologically advanced solutions of solar energy, include the operation and maintenance (O&M), the connection to the grid, as well as the security of the energy grid, while they are based on the principle of “Optimum Electricity Cost” and “Active Safety”.

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