Discover the full range of washing machines from electronics leaders TCL Electronics.

TCL, is one of the biggest electronic brands worldwide, with products sold in more than 160 countries.

TCL has managed to be synonymous with innovation, thanks to the great manufacturing knowledge of its team, its integrated distribution chain and its state of art production units which guarantee the quality experience of products.

TCL’s award winning technology products, such as TVs and white devices, came in Greece through Globalsat-Teleunicom Group companies, which leads the Greek market in the distribution and marketing of technology products, home appliances and small appliances with the aim of offering to customers the ultimate combining great technology with superior design.

Renew your home electric devices with TCL washing machines and choose between 16 different washing programs.

A new line of washing machines is on the home appliances market, by TCL. Technologically advanced TCL’s washing machines set new standards in cleaning and care of clothes, with unlimited washing options, greater efficiency and minimized noise.

The effectiveness of different washing options, for the F&P series, depending on the composition of the fabrics and combines with the inverter, with a 10 years guarantee for its durability and silent mechanism, can even eliminate the need for the laundry. While the modern inox of middle series FF, the LED display screen, and also the special “ultra slim body” design of entry series, add extra elegance to the space.

TCL ”smart” washing machines.

The user friendly functions of TCL washing machines, are part of the overall TCL design identity and include, smart functions, such as automatic calculation for the start of the wash, the Add Garment functionality where you can at any time add clothes in every wash.

Smart functions don’t stop here, as the illuminated bin, with the opening of the washing machine door, helps while the clothes are being collected and ensures that that there are no clothes left in the bin, while the honeycomb bin with the unique design, offers smooth wash and protection of fabrics during washing.

Innovative SteamWash and SprayWash technologies.

The success of TCL washing machines is worldwide connected to these 2 innovative technologies, Steam Wash and Spray Wash.

TCL technology- Steam Wash protects and facilitates, with steam that destroys the  99,9% of allergens, that accumulate on clothes. Spray – Wash technology, activates the automatic cleaning of the door rubber, at the end of every wash circle. Finally, keeping the washing machine always clean, without bacteria and dust, the high temperature washing function, ensures that the washing of clothes is always completed in the most hygienic way.

For ultimate clothes protection and cleaning, Rinse Plus choice, gives the ability for one more rinse. The smart dosing program, protects clothes from being old and ensures the best savings. Clothes needs the minimum time to dry, without taking the risk of pulling and spin damage, thanks to the maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM.

About TCL Electronics.

TCL experts in R&N and manufacturing of consumers electronic devices, from television, mobile phones, audio devices and smart home appliances, in the context of company’s strategy  “AI x IoT”. Is one of the fastest growing consumer  electronic device companies and one of the top TV and mobile phone manufacturers worldwide, with televisions ranking 3rd in sales worldwide and 2nd in the United States market. For nearly 40 years, TCL has operated its own manufacturing and research centers worldwide, with products sold in more than 160 countries across North America, Latin America. Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

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