Creating the modern hotel with integrated solutions by Globalsat.

Leading and highly successful presence of Globalsat’s in Xenia presenting technological solutions and automation hotels.

This year’s Xenia exhibition, which is the annual appointment for all innovative and up to date solutions, concerning the upgrade for the hotel industry with an ecological label, has been concluded with great success. Globalsat was there for 5th year in a row, together with its partners Samsung and Blink Charging Hellas, informing visitors about company’s complete portfolio of integrated solutions for modern hotels and its digital transformation.

At Globalsat’s imposing and high aesthetic stand, Samsung’s professional screens and digital signage solutions, holistic electric vehicle Blink solutions, solar energy solutions through photovoltaic systems and also Smart Metering solutions that company provides, were introduced these 3 days at Xenia 2022.

Additionally, in the context of parallel to Xenia events, Globalsat participated in the Xenia Digi Hotel where Mr. Dimitris Kapellos, Head of R&D innovation of Globalsat, referred to the holistic solutions that company has developed for the modernization of the hotels, with the aim of improving service quality and customer experience, covering the four pillars presented in the report.


Samsung professional displays and digital signage solutions

The perfect aesthetic and functional stand of Globalsat-Samsung, became a ”hub” for visits, information and presentation of all products and services that company offers, focusing on the use of technology and aiming to upgrade and modernize the quality of services and the overall experience within a hotel unit. More specific, in the context of a long term cooperation with the colossal of technology Samsung, Globalsat presented the full range of professional and hotel TVs, indoor and outdoor digital signage screens, professional screens Wall and Cinema Led, that ensure the the advanced entertainment experience for visitors. At the same time, the impressive and minimal space that was simulated as a hotel room, Globalsat highlighted modern technological applications, that allow hotel managers to supervise the correct operation of devices remotely and offer the visitors a unique hospitality experience, such as automation in the management of room’s lighting, windows, personalized messages, etc.

Complete vehicle charging solution Globalsat & Blink

One more pillar for  highlighting the modern hotel, technologically advanced and environmentally conscious, refers to the Blink electric charging solutions. At the impressive stand of Globalsat-Blink, where the TESLA Model 3 Performance electric car dominated, partners that visit had the opportunity to be informed about integrated providing services, managing and interconnection of charging station in hotels. Electric vehicles are on the rise and with the installation of charging stations, the sustainability of the business increases and environmental protection is defended. Moreover, with electrification developing rapidly, the provision of the electric vehicle charging solutions by modern hotel units is now an important selection criterion for guests, so investing in such solutions is now imperative.

Solar energy solutions

In the context of Globalsat’s green energy solutions, are included solutions that are related to energy production from renewable sources,  allowing the modern tourist unit to produce its own energy and achieve significant saving on the electricity bill. The electricity production by renewable energy sources, includes the development, design and installation of self consumption photovoltaic projects. That energy transformation, actively contributes to the creation of a sustainable world and to the reduction of the hotels’ costs. In other words, the hotel unit will produce its own energy that can cover hotel’s needs, will reduce its costs on the electricity bill and also its environmental footprint.

IoT Smart Metering

ΙοΤ applications measure and record the energy consumed by a hotel unit. Globalsat, through its specialized team that has developed, places the meters – depending on the needs each business – and after analyzing the resulting indicators, provides the hotel owner through a special platform, reports and ways to reduce its operating costs. With the power of  IoT and Smart Metering, it will be possible for the hotel units to monitor in real time the consumption of electric energy, natural gas and water, aiming to reduce their consumption.

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