Globalsat Group’s New Partnership with RCT Power for Greece and Cyprus


Globalsat Group Takes on the Distribution of Commercial Energy Storage Systems in collaboration with a Leading German Brand.

Globalsat Group, recognized as a dynamic force in the energy solutions market, has recently established a strategic partnership with the esteemed German brand, RCT Power. This collaboration is centered around the distribution of efficient commercial  storage solutions, catering to corporate markets in Greece and Cyprus. With this groundbreaking partnership, Globalsat significantly elevates its presence in the green solutions sector, now fulfilling a substantial portion of the energy needs for businesses and consumers alike.

Utilizing Globalsat’s extensive experience and industry connections gained from executed projects and partnerships, the reputed RCT Power is strategically entering the markets of Greece and Cyprus. Since its establishment in 2015, RCT Power has successfully positioned itself as one of worldwide technology leader. The strategic collaboration with Globalsat for the distribution of cutting-edge solar energy storage systems in Greece and Cyprus represents a noteworthy achievement in its ongoing success story. By offering comprehensive green solutions, RCT Power actively contributes to sustainability and promotes independence from the external energy grid.

About RCT Power

RCT Power belongs to the pioneers in developing innovative solutions for sustainable solar energy use. Their storage systems are designed and manufactured in house, aiming for intelligent utilization of solar energy.

RCT Power’s intelligent storage units provide a comprehensive green solution, ensuring the efficient utilization of solar energy, optimizing consumption, and concurrently reducing electricity bills. This state-of-the-art storage technology ensures the effective harnessing of electricity generated by photovoltaic collectors (PV-system) on bright days, storing electricity for use during periods of insufficient sunlight or at night. This flexibility empowers users to autonomously manage their electricity consumption, offering a seamless and environmentally conscious energy solution.

Αs partner of RCT Power, Globalsat will provide a full range of RCT Power commercial energy storage solutions, including batteries and inverters to professionals.

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About Globalsat Group

Globalsat Group has been at the forefront of technology for over 20 years and is expanding its activities into the rapidly evolving green energy sector. The Group’s priority and driving force is to bring the benefits of technology and sustainable development to every business, to every organization, to society.

Globalsat is a leader in the distribution and management of technology products, telecommunications equipment and white goods, while providing integrated technology-based business solutions to enable its enterprise customers to take advantage of the opportunities arising in the context of digital transformation. The company has exclusive partnerships with leading companies in the global market, such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and works closely with retailers, telecommunications providers and private and public sector companies in Greece, Romania and Cyprus.

At the same time, in the context of the green transition of businesses in Greece, Globalsat offers a full range of specialized solutions, that include EV charging solutions in collaboration with Blink, financing and installation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption to corporate customers through Greenvolt Next, technology equipment for green energy solutions, as well as Corporate Sustainability Management solutions.

Globalsat has been included in the list of the 30 fastest growing companies for 2022, in the relevant evaluation by Fortune. Also, it has been certified as a GREAT PLACE TO WORK and is included in the list of leading companies distinguished for their work environment and culture.

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