Globalsat is one of the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 202


The Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2023 award was once again awarded to Globalsat Group, during the event which was organized by NAUTEMPORIKI and was held on December 14, at the Great Britain Hotel. The event  with the aim of recognizing the companies that display the highest and fastest growth in the Greek market.

Globalsat, one of the fastest growing companies in Greece, demonstrates a constant commitment to development and new investments, while standing out for its credibility in the market, society and its team. The company, in addition to improving its financial figures, created new jobs and made significant investments, contributing to the strengthening of the country’s GDP.

Globalsat Group has been a technology leader for more than two decades, while expanding its business into the rapidly evolving green energy sector. Its main priority and driving force is to offer the benefits of technology and sustainable development to every business, organization, and society.

Globalsat’s specific distinction results from the evaluation of financial indicators, such as profitability and liquidity, taking into account other factors such as invested capital and corporate social responsibility strategy, as well as the role of human resources.

Mr. Costas Agrafiotis, General Manager of Globalsat Group, underlined: “It is a great honor for us to be among the companies that stood out in the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2023. This distinction is a proof of the commitment and outstanding efforts of the entire Globalsat team and at the same time, it reflects our continued commitment to excellence, improving our financial performance, creating jobs and new investments. We continue to work with passion for growth and prosperity, bringing innovative solutions and the benefits of technology and green energy in society. Congratulations to all the businesses that share this honor with us.”

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