Globalsat undertakes the distribution of Samsung new A/C solutions


Globalsat, one of the fastest growing companies in Greece and a leading Group in the distribution and commercial management of technology products and services, is expanding its strategic partnership with Samsung, taking over the distribution of Samsung A/C solutions.

Samsung has been associated with innovation in air conditioning, having a journey that begins in 1974 with the introduction of the first Samsung air conditioner. In 2005, it enters the European market and in 2017, Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B.V., opens its headquarters in Amsterdam, in an effort to better serve the European market – the second largest air conditioner market in the world. In the same year, it launches Samsung WindFree™ technology and in 2021 the sixth generation Digital Variable Multi DVM S2, equipped with artificial intelligence technology, enhanced energy efficiency, easier installation and maintenance.

Globalsat, in the context of its long-term cooperation with SAMSUNG, will distribute in the Greek market, through the networks of stores selling electronics and household appliances, the three new top series of Samsung air conditioners:

The WindFree™ COMFORT series. Through WindFree™ technology, air is dispersed evenly and quietly through 23,000 micro-holes, thus eliminating the unpleasant sensation of cold drafts. Its advanced airflow also cools larger spaces more evenly and uses 77% less energy than Fast Cooling. At the same time, it has AI Auto Comfort technology, which automatically optimizes the various functions and regulates the temperature, analyzing the conditions in the room and usage patterns, maintaining optimal conditions. In addition, thanks to the SmartThings application, the user can control and monitor the operation of the air conditioner remotely. Finally, it is worth mentioning that with the Auto Clean function, the air conditioner is automatically cleaned in just three steps, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and odors.

The CEBU series, which features AI Auto Comfort technology and automatically optimizes the various functions, adjusting the temperature and analyzing the conditions in the room and usage patterns, maintaining optimal conditions. In addition, with the Smart Things application, the user has full control of the air conditioner remotely. Finally, the CEBU series has an Auto Clean function, which automatically activates a fan to remove dust and moisture in the heat exchanger when the air conditioner is turned off.

The AR35 series, which helps to save money every day, due to the digital inverter technology. In addition, it has a Fast Cooling function for instant relief from heat, a Good Sleep function, which automatically controls and adjusts the temperature to create the ideal conditions for each stage of the sleep cycle, and a 2-Way Auto Swing function, which automatically controls the direction of the air flow, so that it is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the space.

All Samsung air conditioners have the European EUROVENT certification. The EUROVENT certification mark guarantees that the products have been independently tested, accurately measured and the air conditioning unit is guaranteed to deliver the measurements published by the manufacturer.

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