New Chief Strategy Officer at Kristelcom Group

Mr. Yannis Ghikas, from January 10th, 2022 takes over the duties of Kristelcom Group’s Chief Strategy Officer with the main responsibility of formulating a new ambitious strategic planning for the Group with a vision of expanding and strengthening its activities in the greek market and abroad.

The new Chief Strategy Officer undertakes the improvement of the overall business operations of the Group, the development of the strategic plan for the next three years, the creation and implementation of operating procedures, as well as the coordination of all the business units of the Group.

Yannis Ghikas has over 20 years of work experience in the telecommunications sector and has been a senior executive with significant positions of responsibility in large multinational companies such as SONY ERICSSON where he was General Director for SE Europe, SAMSUNG as Head of IM and VODAFONE where he was from 2014 and had successively the positions of Cluster Head of Terminals, Head of Family and Convergence Segment, Head of Propositions and Pricing and from 2020 Head of Soho / SME / Indirect. In all the organizations he has collaborated with, he played a key role in their development and has contributed decisively to the reform of their strategy.

Mr. Vassilis Papadopoulos, CEO of Kristelcom Group Companies, welcomes Mr. Ghikas: «We welcome with great joy and impatience Yannis Ghikas to our Group. We believe that his many years of commercial experience in the market, his strategic thinking, his leadership skills, his skills in terms of human resource management will mark the course of our Group in the coming years and he will contribute significantly to the strengthening of position of the Group in the market and in the implementation of our plan for further development».

Further Information about KRISTELCOM Group:

KRISTELCOM Group of Companies operates in Greece and Cyprus market through its 100% subsidiaries Teleunicom and Globalsat. Kristelcom’s Group shareholders are AVE and BP Communications.

Teleunicom and Globalsat are a group of companies that distribute technology products, home appliances as well as office automation products. More specifically, they are active in the distribution of mobile telephony and IT products, as well as small domestic appliances, video and audio devices. Both companies cooperate, in most cases, exclusively with the largest manufacturers of technology products whose products distribute in the Greek and Cypriot

market through their network of associates. Indicative brands that KRISTELCOM group represents are: Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Celly, Sencor, Lamart, Yenkee, Fieldmann, Sage and others.

In addition, Globalsat provides B2B professional solutions that meet the needs of companies operating in all sectors of economy. Β2Β professional solutions include Samsung Professional Solutions and Products, IoT Solutions, Digital Health Services, Electric Automobility Solutions, Body Temperature & Air Sterilization Solutions,  Electricity & Green Energy Services.


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