Portuguese Group Greenvolt enters the Greek market by forming a joint venture with Globalsat Group, launching Greenvolt Next Greece.

Portuguese Group Greenvolt enters the Greek market by forming a joint venture with Globalsat Group, launching Greenvolt Next Greece.

 Greenvolt Group, a pioneer in the field of renewable energy sources in Europe, offering specialized wind and solar power generation solutions, as well as biomass production units, enters the Greek market in collaboration with Globalsat Group, a market leader in the distribution and management of technology products and solutions, by forming a joint venture and launching the company Greenvolt Next Greece.

Greenvolt Next Greece successfully combines the experience and expertise of Greenvolt Group in the green energy field with the strength and high recognition of Globalsat Group, in the field of technology. Hence, Greenvolt Next is changing the way businesses consume, generate and share energy, taking advantage of new technologies and opportunities arising from the digital transformation of the market.

Greece is the 4th country included in Greenvolt’s expansion plan towards the distributed generation segment. Accordingly, Greenvolt Next Greece provides integrated green energy solutions for modern businesses, fully covering their energy needs from production to consumption, charging, storage, and energy monitoring.

More specifically, Greenvolt Next Greece provides integrated solutions in 4 main fields:

  1. Solar Energy: including research, construction, maintenance, and operation of photovoltaic projects.
  2. Electric Vehicle Charging: including research, supply, and installation of electric chargers, as well as the management of charging points.
  3. IoT Smart Metering: including monitoring and controlling the energy consumed in real time.
  4. Energy Communities: including projects that reinforce energy production from renewable sources with the aim of promoting the social and solidarity economy in the energy sector, the promotion of energy sustainability, as well as the improvement of energy efficiency at the local and regional level.


Vassilis Papadopoulos, Managing Director, Globalsat-Teleunicom Group, underlined:

“Integrated solutions for businesses that are transforming digitally, have been at the heart of our development in recent years. With a diversified and constantly evolving portfolio of products and services, Globalsat Group has won the recognition and trust of leading organizations and companies active in all sectors of the Greek economy. Our partnership with the Portuguese Greenvolt Group is the culmination of the Group’s strength in the Greek market. Through Greenvolt Next we will strengthen the green energy solutions portfolio we offer to our corporate customers, keeping as our main principle to contribute decisively to their energy transition, reduction of their energy costs and footprint.”

João Manso Neto, CEO, Greenvolt Group, stated:

“Greece is the 4th location of our expansion plan in the distributed generation sector, which started in 2021 and already shows impressive results, as it is based on a stable and robust strategy. Greece has very important prospects for the market of green energy services and I personally believe that it will become a key country in Greenvolt’s worldwide plan, very soon.

Greenvolt is currently active in 16 countries, including: Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Poland, France, Italy, Serbia, Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, USA and Greece. Its three main operations focus on: Residual Biomass – generating electricity from biomass, Wind & Solar Energy Services – onshore wind farms and photovoltaic energy stations, at project development level, as well as distributed generation PV solutions, including Energy Communities – generating and distributing green energy.”

Ruben Carvalho, Managing Director, Greenvolt Next Greece, stated:

“Greenvolt enters the market of Greece, a country that shows significant interest in the green energy market. By taking advantage of new technologies as well as the opportunities arising from the digital transformation, Greenvolt will make a difference in the Greek market by changing the way energy is produced, consumed, and shared. We have designed a comprehensive strategic plan for Greece and our goal is to implement important projects, supporting the green transition of businesses.”

About Greenvolt Group:

Greenvolt Group is a leader in the market of renewable energy, through multiple technologies across several locations. Through Greenvolt Biomass, the Group is active in energy production from forest residues and urban woody residues in Portugal and England. Similarly, Greenvolt Power supports wind and solar PV projects, in several European markets and the US market, with a pipeline of 6.7 GW and with 2.9 GW reaching Ready to Build phase in 2023. Greenvolt Next operates mainly in the B2B sector when it comes to distributed energy generation, with more than 100 MW installed. Also, the company is a leader in self – consumption projects via photovoltaic solar energy, as well as in renewable energy communities, with more than 40 projects with an installed capacity of around 30 MW.

Founded in 2021, Greenvolt has already made a strong impression in the European business scene and is among the fastest growing renewable energy companies in Europe. Within its first year of its operation, Greenvolt acquired Tilbury Green Power, a biomass power plant with capacity of 42 MW. It also acquired 100% of V-Ridium, a leading renewable energy consulting company based in Poland. In the same year it acquired 70% of the Portuguese company Profit Energy and 42% of the Spanish company Perfecta Energia. During the same year Greenvolt issued a €100 million Green Bond. In 2022, the company entered into a joint venture agreement with GMV, in order to develop solar projects in Spain. Accordingly, Greenvolt acquired 35% stake in German MaxSolar and 50% in the Spanish company Univergy. In May 2022, it acquired a 45 MW operating solar farm in Romania, as well as an under construction 90 MW wind farm in Iceland. During the same year, the company announced its entry into the American and Greek market, while issuing a Green Bond of 150 €m.

About Globalsat Group:

Globalsat Group of companies is a leader in the Greek market in the distribution and selling of technology products, telecommunications equipment, home appliances and tech gadgets. It also offers integrated, technology-based business solutions to enable its clients to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the context of digital transformation. The Group has exclusive partnerships with leading international brands such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and Sencor and collaborates with all the companies in the sector of telecommunications and technology, as well as with all retail networks in Greece and Cyprus.

In addition, in the context of the green transition of businesses in Greece, the Group offers a full range of specialized solutions that include the development of Blink’s electric car charging network in Greece, as well as via the development of IoT Smart Metering solutions. Also through its subsidiary company Retail & More, the Group operates in the food retail sector. Specifically, the Group has reponed the Network of Carrefour Stores in the Greek market. Globalsat was included in the list of the 30 fastest growing companies, in Fortune’s Greece 2022 ranking.


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