Sencor Stick wireless vacuum cleaners: A modern solution for a quick and easy house cleaning

Sencor simplifies the process of cleaning the interior of the house with cordless vacuum cleaners.

Sencor offers effective solutions for indoor cleaning with technology that combines sweeping and mopping in one move, while at the same time simplifies procedures as the SVC 0725BK and SVC 0625AT-EUE3 vacuum cleaners are rechargeable and operate without a cable for freedom of movement.

4in1 stick vacuum cleaners from Sencor .

Sencor cordless stick vacuum cleaners, offer great ease of use thanks to removeable hand unit,, offering a very clean house with the use of one device both for sweeping and mopping.

4 in 1 Sencor stick vacuum cleaner SVC 0725BK, raises the bar even higher in cleaning with the advanced technology of the  BLDC 400 watt digital motor, that quarantees great results and makes everyday life on house, even better.

Sencor innovation continues with the sophisticated design of 4in1 vacuum stick. In the aim of easy usage, stick vacuum cleaner is light, quiet and easy to to control with an ergonomic handle, while  it has been designed to clean all difficult floors. In particular, the mopping function is specially designed for the perfect cleaning of hard floors.

Unique accessories of the Sencor Stick Vacuum cleaner.

The detachable unit of the device turns into an easy to use hand broom and in combination with a wide range of accessories allows the immediate dust removal of furniture, floor even the car.

The «Cat&Dog Mini» motorized power brush in combination with the detachable hand unit, turns the broom into a special device for easy cleaning of surfaces from pet hair. At the same time, the integrated spout with LED light allows cleaning even the darkest places in the house.

The storage of the cordless vacuum cleaner is a part of the easy to use designing, upright, for temporary placement and for easy storage around the house.

About Sencor products in Greece.

In Greece, Sencor electrical devices are distributes by Globalsat – Teleunicom Group companies, through the network of electrical and electronic stores, as well as through the online stores it cooperates with, giving Greek consumers  access to the company’s entire product range.

About Globalsat-Teleunicom Group Companies.

Globalsat-Teleunicom Group companies, leads the Greek market in the distribution and ,marketing of technology products and home appliances  and small appliances and at the same time develops specialized professional solutions, taking advantage of new technologies and the opportunities that arise in the context of the digital revolution. The Group has exclusive partneships with leading international brands, such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and Sencor and collaborates with all companies in the telecommunications and technology sector as well as with all retail network in Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, as part of the strategic plan to expand the activities of Globalsat-Teleunicom Group in new markets, Globalsat started its collaboration with Bilnk Charging Hellas in 2020, taking over, as a commercial agent, the development of Blink’s network of electric car charging stations in Greece. At the same time, through the subsidiaries Retail and More and Anadisis Smart, the Group is active in the retail sales of consumer goods (food retail), as well as the development of specialized artificial intelligence applications (AI & machine learning platforms).

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