Teleunicom & Globalsat trust Retail@Link and the integrated “e-Invoicing Solution”

Teleunicom & Globalsat trust Retail@Link (member of Entersoft group) and the integrated “e-Invoicing Solution”

Teleunicom and Globalsat, subsidiaries of Kristelcom Group, have proceeded to the interconnection with Mydata platform of AADE, for sending electronic books through a certified e-invoicing provider.

This implementation by Retail@Link, offers both companies a reduction in cost and time for senders and receivers in managing documents and offers full visibility of delivery status, as well as access to Retail@Link’s extensive network of more than 56,000 electronically collaborating companies. At the same time, the adoption of e-invoicing, offers the possibility of immediate elimination of tax mechanisms with simplification of equipment, as well as exploitation of tax incentives and investment tax exemptions.

Mr. Antonis Ktistakis, CFO of Kristelcom Group states about the cooperation with Retail@Link: “The gradual elimination of manual procedures, the digital upgrade of operations of the financial departments and the service to our customers and partners are priorities for our Group. Through our collaboration with Retail@Link, we have achieved the digitization of all paper documents, optimization of time for the accounting department, eliminating the cost of multiple checks due to errors and lost documents, ensuring legality and security in our commercial transactions and of course reducing our environmental footprint, as it is a commitment of our Group to pursue environmentally responsible operations for all its activities”.

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