Blink Charging Hellas and Globalsat, offers EV charging network services through the 100% of Praktiker stores network


Blink Charging Hellas and Globalsat in partnership with Praktiker Hellas, enable all drivers to easily charge their electric vehicle in all Praktiker stores in Greece. Through this cooperation, Praktiker Hellas is the first network in its industry, which offers ΕV charging services in the 100% of its network, ie in all 16 stores nationwide.

Blink Charging Hellas, Globalsat and Praktiker Hellas, leading companies in the fields of EV Charging Solutions, Distribution of Technology products-home appliances and office automation and Home Improvement & DIY, respectively, through their cooperation ensure the best service and consumer experience in electricity sector in Greece.

All the points, offer from 2 to 4 charging points that can be used by the public, as they provide free access to all visitors of Praktiker stores, who wish to charge their electric vehicle during the opening hours of the stores.

Blink Charging Hellas has undertaken the entire project, carrying out the installation, maintenance and after sales support of the charging stations. At the same time, Globalsat as the Official Dealer of Blink Charging Hellas, has entered the rapidly growing e-mobility market in order to offer its customers integrated charging solutions.

The installation of blink charging stations in Praktiker Hellas brand network, has already been completed and this action is fully in line with the company’s commitment to be a pioneer in environmental responsibility, creating products and solutions so that every consumer can make a positive contribution to improving climate conditions and environmental protection.

Blink Charging Hellas Statement:

Mrs. Lina Preka, Business Development Manager of Blink Charging Hellas, stated: “It is now a common finding that e-mobility is one of the key vehicles for achieving the goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the environment and achieving a better quality of life. Blink, in the context of its strategic planning, is rapidly implementing the development of a numerous and efficient network of chargers throughout the country, with the aim of promoting e-mobility and achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the completion of the successful installation of chargers in all stores of PRAKTIKER network. By jointly creating solutions that are friendlier and “greener” to the environment, we make accessible and easy the provision of charging services, clean transportation and the best experience for PRAKTIKER customers. Each completed project brings us closer to achieving our vision for a better world, the world of Blink!”

Globalsat Statement:

Mr. Costas Agrafiotis, General Manager of Globalsat, stated: “Electric vehicles are here, dozens of models are available in the Greek market, most of them are subsidized by the state. Private companies and Municipalities throughout Greece install thousands of charging points. Our goal is to play a leading role in this market and to strengthen the network of Blink Charging Hellas, as the official dealer of the company in Greece, actively strengthening the e-mobility market. Our cooperation with Praktiker Hellas, which is a pioneer in innovative initiatives aiming to the best service of its customers, marked our dynamic entry into the market and connected us with No. 1 Hellenic Home Improvement & DIY store network. The achievement of installing charging infrastructure in all 16 stores of its network fills us with joy and satisfaction and of course we will continue to dynamically develop Blink Charging Hellas network”.

For further information you may contact:

Blink Charging Hellas | Sia Darmarou

Communication and Operations Manager

+30 210 7232862


Globalsat | Giota Charalampaki

Head of Marketing

+30 210 66 64 000 (ext. 131)

About Blink Charging Hellas:

Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) is one of the leading US companies in the field of EV charging products and services. In May 2019, Blink announces its entry into the EV charging market in Europe, starting in Greece by founding Blink Charging Hellas, which focuses on the development of the urban charging model. Its primary goal is the optimal service of its drivers and partners. It has already installed over 300 charging points, covering the largest road network and continues to grow with the basic principle that the driver can charge without any problems, without deviating from his daily habits. The driver is now able to easily and quickly charge his electric vehicle while helping to decrease air pollution.

About Globalsat:

Globalsat is one of the largest distribution companies of technology products, household appliances and office automation in Greece. More specifically, it is active in the distribution of mobile telephony and IT/gaming products, household and consumer electronics, picture and sound, garden furniture and toys for children. The company cooperates with the largest manufacturers of technology products, which sells to Greek market and its final consumers through its network of partners. In addition, Globalsat provides B2B professional solutions that meet the needs of companies operating in all sectors of economy.

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