Elevate your business with Samsung premium interactive displays

High productivity with one touch

Powered by a powerful TIZEN operating system, Samsung’s interactive displays and touchscreens provide a fully synchronized, user-friendly experience for interacting with display content. With the powerful Knox security system, maximum protection is offered at the application, platform and system level.

With Samsung interactive Flip screen, your ideas are immediately visualized,

with pen and brush functions that provide a realistic writing experience, while flexible erasing is achieved with just a flick of your finger or palm. The quick tool and palette menu keep creativity flowing, while the toggle button let you open a new interface point for notes.

With the unique technology and multiple functions of Samsung touch screens,

you can provide valuable informative and interactive content to your customers.


Explore the high level of productivity, quality and reliability of Samsung interactive displays and update your business with optimized interactive E-board technology. Whether it’s a corporate or school environment, or a retail store, Samsung solutions help you interact with your team and customers through advanced functions and new features.

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Digital signage

Samsung’s digital signage solutions offer multiple functions depending on the communication needs of each business. The displays feature built-in MagicINFO™, an all-in-one solution that supports content, device and data management.



Hotel TVs

Samsung’s hotel TVs replace traditional solutions in hotel rooms, turning them into a multi-purpose entertainment center, offering a variety of content and at the same time a modern and elegant design.


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