We adopt modern tools and systems
which reinforce our competitiveness
and add value in our services

We provide end-to-end ecommerce services that allow our partners to enter the modern ecommerce world, target their customers and successfully conduct business across the web.

  • Study and approach of the target audience
  • Development & content management of estore
  • Management of orders and customers’ service
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Customers’ journey monitoring
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Cooperation & interconnection with Market Places.

The Group’s modern e-commerce platform has a user-centric design, enhances his experience, effectively promotes sales and generates the standards for building a long-term partnership with the customer, utilizing his life value.

Through this initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation and improving the experience of our corporate customers by leveraging technology to deliver customized and effective solutions.



In the new portal, our partners have access to more than 3,500 product codes and 8 main product categories, they can use the dynamic product search and navigation tools in the various categories, take advantage of the VAT exemption service where it is provided, complete the order them digitally, with the option of paying by card or through the IRIS payments system, as well as benefiting from the 10 renewed features for presenting products and offers.



Our communication channel with the final consumers is eshop.globalsat.gr. Our visitors can find and order online our products, through a wide range of options that ensure a unique easy to use experience, smooth navigation and dynamic functionalities.