Globalsat enters the Internet of Things (IoT)

Η Globalsat εισέρχεται στο χώρο του Internet of Things (IoT)  και παρέχει ολοκληρωμένες και καινοτόμες, τεχνολογικές, ψηφιακές λύσεις.

Globalsat enters the Internet of Things (IoT) and provides integrated and innovative, technological, digital solutions.

Globalsat, a member of the AUDIOVISUAL Group of companies, which is constantly seeking new solutions for B2B products and services, is entering the fast-growing Internet Of Things (IoT) industry, with the aim of expanding its partnership with leading companies from different sectors of the Greek economy and to offer integrated and competitive digital solutions. In order to provide end-to-end IoT solutions, Globalsat has entered into an agreement with Vodafone Innovus, a subsidiary of Vodafone Greece, so as to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by its innovative IoT platform.

Internet Of Things is the next big step in technology. These are solutions through which various electrical, electronic and other devices communicate to interconnect and exchange data, gathering them into one platform for the benefit of the business.

Through Globalsat and Vodafone Innovus’s agreement, Globalsat gains full access to all the capabilities offered by the IoT platform that can be exploited to design, implement and provide the most advanced and integrated IoT technology services to Greek businesses, in order to become more competitive and digitize their operations. With a wide range of applications, network connectivity, automation and advanced communication, business insights and data analysis and security offered by Vodafone Innovus’s IoT platform, businesses will be able to deploy and accelerate IoT solutions, delivering remarkable new customer opportunities, as well as achieve business benefits with targeted solutions.

IoT solutions cover all sectors of the Greek economy such as Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Transport, Insurance, Shipping, Retail, Wholesale, Leasing while also support End-To-End Solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Citizens, Medical Advice and Immediate Case Management and more.

Globalsat’s General Manager Mr. Kostas Agrafiotis stated: ‘’It is a fact that the next industrial revolution will be the Internet of Things. At Globalsat we believe that IoT will transform business sectors and we are very proud to be a part of this market. In the marketplace, there will be companies and professionals who want to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities that digital technology offers them and we are now ready to support them, taking advantage of our B2B Business Solutions experience and the opportunities offered by the cutting edge Vodafone Innovus IoT platform. The agreement we have with Vodafone Innovus honours us and comes as a guarantee of the great work and unremitting effort we have made over the years. The future of industry and business is digital and we aim for companies and cities to seize the opportunities that this wave offers“.Mr. George Diamantopoulos, President and CEO of Vodafone Innovus stated: “We at Vodafone Innovus believe in a digital society of the future, which thanks to high speeds and the Internet of Things, will bring unlimited new opportunities for business and the economy like never before. The future will be very exciting and through our technologies, our main goal is to help everyone participate in it equally. Vodafone Innovus’s partnership with Globalsat to provide state-of-the-art IoT end-to-end technology services and the digital transformation of Greek businesses to become even more competitive in an international environment, fulfils our corporate purpose’’.

About Globalsat

GLOBALSAT is one of the largest distributors of technology products, home appliances and office automation in Greece. More specifically, it is active in the distribution of mobile telephony and IT products, home and small appliances, imaging and audio, garden accessories and toys. The company cooperates, in many cases and exclusively, with the largest manufacturers of technology products whose products are available in the Greek market and its final consumers through its affiliate network.

In addition, GLOBALSAT provides B2B business solutions that meet the needs of companies active in all sectors of the economy. The portfolio of proposals includes technology products such as mobile telephony, business screens and televisions, projectors, printers and other peripherals, hotel equipment, call centers. Recently, it has also entered the service area through the Samsung Knox security service, as well as the acquisition of Vodafone Innovus’s professional IoT platform.

More information:

Mrs. Charalambaki Giota, Marketing Manager Globalsat

About Vodafone Innovus:

Vodafone Innovus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vodafone Greece, is a provider of integrated IoT solutions, with a strong commitment to innovation through the development of advanced solutions, widely recognized by many market analysts as an important partner of Vodafone Global IoT, offering IoT solutions and NB-IoT for clients worldwide.These solutions include “smart” IoT devices, global connectivity, secure IoT infrastructure, rich Web / mobile UIs and integrated installation & maintenance services. Vodafone Innovus’ IoT platform is designed with state-of-the-art technologies by the company itself and is hosted in a secure Data Center. It is secure, reliable, service-oriented and multi-tenent, capable of managing hundreds of thousands of real-time assets.

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