Globalsat strengthens its footprint in the hotel industry with its integrated digital and green energy

The tourism industry is building stronger and stronger ties with the technology industry, with a multitude of high-tech solutions being activated not only for the pleasure of the modern traveler but also for the benefit of tourism businesses. The above could easily be seen by the visitor of the hotel exhibition Xenia 2023, which took place last weekend at the Metropolitan, and especially by everyone who visited the imposing and particularly welcoming Globalsat booth.

In the context of digital and green transformation and sustainability, Globalsat, one of the fastest growing companies in the Greek market, which plays a leading role in the distribution and management of leading technology brands, introduced technological solutions and automation as well as green energy upgrade plans to Greek hotel entrepreneurs for their accommodations. Presenting for the 6th consecutive year at the leading commercial forum for hospitality in Greece, its special aesthetic booth presented a multitude of solutions for upgrading the quality of services and the overall experience of the modern traveler.

On one side, Samsung’s professional and hotel TVs, indoor and outdoor digital signage screens and professional Wall and Cinema Led screens graced Globalsat’s long-standing partnership with the Korean tech giant. In addition to the multiple options – each of which has its own technical features that are consistent with the hotel experience – the company also introduced guests to Samsung’s Lynk Cloud, the application that allows device management and monitoring and simplifies the creation and development of targeted content for each visitor.

E-mobility Solutions
The solution portfolio also included the electrification solutions of Blink, one of the leading US companies that has been active for 14 years in the field of electric vehicle charging products and services, already counting 450,000 members and 78,000 charging stations. Let us remind you that the company made its appearance on the European market in 2019 starting from our country, offering from the design, construction and installation of electric vehicle charging stations, to their long-term management and revenue generation, in this case for the hoteliers, with the help of the special Blink Charging Mobile application.

Self-production & Self-Consumption solutions
Embracing the ecological orientation, Globalsat introduced to the public of Xenia the photovoltaic systems of self-production and self-consumption of Greenvolt Next, which come to provide a solution in a period when energy costs tend to derail the income of tourism businesses, despite its good course sector. Greenvolt Next, in collaboration with the Portuguese Greenvolt Group, undertakes the design, construction and maintenance and operation of integrated green energy systems. Thanks to the two solutions it has, (Solar PPA which does not require investment on the part of the customer and Solar EPC which foresees investment on the part of the customer) it can ensure a reduction of energy costs and the environmental footprint in hotel businesses of all sizes.

Green energy Equipment
For industry entrepreneurs who want to take solar technology to the next level, Globalsat introduced Huawei’s green solutions equipment. With the help of artificial intelligence and the cloud, the Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Inverter solution converts solar energy into the main energy source in a space, storing it during the day so that it can be used during the night or during the day without sunshine.

Sustainability Management Solutions
As for measuring the efficiency of these solutions, Globalsat’s corporate sustainability management solution proves to be suitable, which collects, analyzes and automates information relevant to the goals of sustainable development. Through a special platform the hotelier can have a high-level overview of the building’s energy performance, historical data, advanced data analyses, comparison of these with previous time periods, groupings of energy and sustainability information, as well as deviations from the original energy budget through charts, reports , dashboards.

From the menu of services offered, technological applications were not missing, which allow hotel managers to supervise the correct operation of devices remotely and offer guests a unique hospitality experience. Automation in the management of room lighting, windows, personalized messages and much more piqued the interest of the numerous visitors to the stand.

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