Globalsat-Teleunicom group strengthens women’s sports by supporting 1st GWomen’s Sports Summit

Globalsat – Teleunicom group strengthens women’s spotrs by supporting 1st GWomen Sports Summit by supporting 1st GWomen’s Sports Summit.

Globalsat’s ultimate experience of technological products, home appliances & technological accessories offers a more comfortable everyday life.

In the context of the 1st Women’s Sports Conference, as the main event’s sponsor, Globalsat-Teleunicom gourp companies and the brands that represents, were there in order to empower women in the field of sports. At GWomen Sport’s Summit 2022, athletes, great personalities and inspirational leaders of women’s sports from different generations, talked and shared stories and experiences with the aim of inspiring the public and also to empower women’s sports for a better world.

Globalsat-Teleunicom group companies was there to give the chance for the public to reach out the technological innovation of its brands, representing to the public the award winning TCL electronic devices, small kitchen appliances and Riversong technological accessories.

TCL, one of the biggest electronic brands in the world.

TCL specializes in the manufacture of electronics and is one of the fastest growing companies and one of the leading manufacturers of televisions and mobile devices worldwide, with televisions now ranked 3rd in sales globally and 2nd in the market of United States. For 40 years TCL has operated its own manufacturing and research centers worldwide, with products sold in more than 160 countries across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

TCL TVs provide a premium viewing experience for HDR movies, sport events and gaming , thanks to Dolby Atmos sound quality and the high quality ONKYO. It is worth noting that they have been awarded as the best product with the title of EISA 2022-23. TCL’s F and P washing machine series create new standards in the cleanliness and care of clothes, with unlimited washing options and innovative technologies that protect and clean the clothes deeply. TCL refrigerators promote a healthy lifestyle by keeping the food fresh for a long time.

Use Sencor for an easier everyday life and a healthy lifestyle.

Sencor supplies products in more than 55 countries worldwide and and expands rapidly its range,  since today has more than 1.000 codes in more than 6 product categories, among which are small kitchen appliances, personal care and beauty products, cooling and heating products.

At GWomen Sport’s Summit 2022, Sencor presentation was unique as the Sencor team delighted the attendees with many suprises. Presenting the products that give a healthy lifestyle experience, Fitness Expert Dimitris Koulouris was there, talking about issues relates to health, fitness and nutrition, while at the same time the Sencor’s  Chef – Globalsat was preparing tasty and healthy smoothies for everyone, using Sencor Super Vacuum Blander SBU 7878BK. An innovating device that prepares juices, soups, dough, while at the same time giving the possibility to store drinks, thanks to the vacuum technology, which reduces oxidation and retains vitamins.

Sencor is a brand that is constantly leading the way by expanding into new categories and new products that focus on modern design and innovation.

Riversong, a global technology brand of smart accessories.

Riversong technology refers to to the smart customer by offering to him products that are easy for an everyday usage, while at the same time providing a technological experience.

About Globalsat-Teleunicom Group Companies.

Globalsat-Teleunicom Group companies, leads the Greek market in the distribution and ,marketing of technology products and home appliances  and small appliances and at the same time develops specialized professional solutions, taking advantage of new technologies and the opportunities that arise in the context of the digital revolution. The Group has exclusive partneships with leading international brands, such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and Sencor and collaborates with all companies in the telecommunications and technology sector as well as with all retail network in Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, as part of the strategic plan to expand the activities of Globalsat-Teleunicom Group in new markets, Globalsat started its collaboration with Bilnk Charging Hellas in 2020, taking over, as a commercial agent, the development of Blink’s network of electric car charging stations in Greece. At the same time, through the subsidiaries Retail and More and Anadisis Smart, the Group is active in the retail sales of consumer goods (food retail), as well as the development of specialized artificial intelligence applications (AI & machine learning platforms).


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