The energy transition of businesses with integrated solutions of Greenvolt Next.


The energy transition of businesses with integrated solutions of Greenvolt Next.

In recent years worldwide, businesses have been in a process of transformation, with the new digital era and green transition being the main axes, with these two linked to companies’ development strategy.

Something that shows the importance of businesses’ green transition is the strategy of the European Union as well as the states, which are planning reforms with the aim of making Europe climate neutral by 2050, stimulating the economy through green technology, strengthening sustainable industry and transport and reduce pollution.

At the same time, companies that choose green solutions, have bigger access to financing, both private and public, important reductions in taxation, while at the same time create bigger savings in their operation.

Green transition for Greek companies with Greenvolt Next

Greenvolt Group, a pioneer in Europe in the field of renewable energy sources, offering specialized wind and solar power solutions, as well as biomass production units, recently announced its entry in the Greek market in collaboration with Globalsat Group, a leader in distribution and management of products and technology solutions, with the creation of the company  Greenvolt Next Greece.

Greenvolt Next Greece combines Greenvolt’s Group experience and expertise in the filed of green energy, with the power and high recognition of Globalsat Group in the field of technology. Greenvolt Next Greece enters with the aim of changing the way businesses consume, produce and share energy, taking advantage of new technologies and opportunities that arise from digital and green transition of the market.

Greece is the 4th station of Greenvolt’s expansion in the context of distributed electricity generation from renewable sources, Greenvolt Next Greece offers integrated green energy solutions for modern businesses, that fully cover the energy needs from production to consumption, charging, storage and monitoring of energy.

Specifically, services of Greenvolt Next Greece cover four main pillars: solar energy solutions, development of car charging stations, IοΤ Smart Metering and the development of Energy Communities for energy production from renewable sources.

Which green solutions are companies choosing?

Green transition concerns all businesses, despite of their size. At a level of national economy, green investment is now an important part of total investment, with 44,3% of the 30 billion budget of Recovery  fund projects related to the green transition.

Investments in self productions and self consumption systems are boosted by European policies with the adoption of Green Deal, which sets as a goal for Europe to become the first climate – neutral by 2050 and “Fit for 55” that aims to reduce gas emission of the of the greenhouse by 55% until 2030. Moreover, the strengthening of the use of RES from businesses becomes more  imperative at this moment, due to the high energy prices where the role of photovoltaics in the building sector emerges as pivotal.

Solar Energy Solutions

Through solar energy solutions, businesses now can produce their own green energy, while at the same time gain more saving on their electricity bill. The installation include net metering systems for indirect storage from photovoltaic system. In that way the company covers its consumed energy, while at the same time can use the network for storage the green energy produced by solar panels.

Solar Energy solutions from Greenvolt Next

Greenvolt Next with the green solutions that offers, supports the energy transition of businesses and contributes in the reducing the overall environmental footprint. It has international experience and a specialized team for the development and delivery of B2B solar energy solutions and takes over all stages of the project, from design and installation to the customer delivery. The study and design fully covers the energy needs of every customer and each condition that exists in his facilities.

Greenvolt Next suggests two different investment models in terms of solar panel installation solutions:

Solar PPA Zero Investment

Solar PPA – Zero Investment, is the solution that differentiates Greenvolt Next in the Greek market, as through this solution, the company reduces its energy costs and its environmental footprint with zero investment. Greenvolt Next invests in the company, taking over all costs from sola panel installation, to its operation and maintenance. The business, with zero investment on its part, focuses to its growth and enjoys all benefits of the partnership.

7 reasons why, Solar PPA Zero Investment solution is the best choice for a business:

– Zero Investment on part of the business.

– The company signs the electricity purchase and then receives the produced solar energy at a discount price.

– Greenvolt’s Next expertise team, undertakes all project’s stages from construction permits, study, design, installation, all operating costs a well as all project investment risks.

– Greenvolt Next undertakes the maintenance of solar panels, aiming to maximum the solar energy production.

– Through this solution, synchronization of the productions of the electricity from the PV installation and the consumption of the business, resulting in a further reduction of the Regulatory fees on the electricity bills.

– The value of the fixed assets of the businesses increases due to the PV installation.

– The business contributes to energy transition and reduces its environmental footprint and its CO2 emissions.

Solar EPC

Solar EPC solution, is on more integrated proposal from Greenvolt Next, through which our company undertakes all the procedures for the licensing study, design , supply for the equipment, construction and management of the photovoltaic system. the financial part pf the project is curried out by the client, while the quality of the installation is ensured by the Greenvolt Next team.

Who are Greenvolt;s Next solutions Solar PPA Zero Investment and Solar EPC for?

Greenvolt’s Next solutions refers to small or large companies that are active in in all sectors of Greek economy, wish to integrate in their building infrastructure electricity generation technologies with RES and reduce their energy costs.

Indicative idustries:

– Hotels/ tourist accommodation.

– Production units.

– Sector of industrial and consumer goods.

– Fishing.

– Frozen food.

– Automotive and transport sectors.

– Logistics.

– Retail industry.

-Private schools and universities.

-Private  hospitals and clinics.

Additional services from Greenvolt Next

Car charging solutions

With electrification and electric vehicles rapidly becoming a part modern businesses, the implementation of charging solutions, create benefits both in sustainability of businesses and in the protection of environment. Greenvolt’s Next charging solutions complete its green portfolio.

IoT Smart Metering

Through the power of ΙοΤ , businesses can fully monitor their consumption in electric energy, natural gas, water and also checking the quality of air by measuring the atmospheric indicators. Smart meters are installed in businesses, with the aim f monitoring their current consumption, without the need for an employee to visit the meter, creating both comparative historical data and estimate for future consumption.

Energy Communities

At Energy Communities, the solar energy Producers, cooperate to Consumers, who reach out for a sustainable future but also a reduced energy cost. Citizens, local government, small and big businesses produce, storage, consume and shape energy from 100% renewable sources. Greenvolt Next, having an international experience develops projects of Energy Communities for the energy production from renewable sources aiming to promote social and solidarity econom.

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