Integrated solutions from Greenvolt Next, for the reduction of energy costs and the green transition of businesses.

Greenvolt Group, a pioneer in Europe in the field of renewable energy sources, offering specialized wind and solar energy solutions as well as biomass production units, recently announced its entrance in the Greek market in collaboration with Globalsat Group, a leader in distribution and management of products and technology solutions, with the creation of Greenvolt Next Greece company.

With Greece being the 4th station of Greenvolt’s expansion in the field of distributed generation, Greenvolt Next Greece offers integrated green energy solutions for the modern business, that fully cover energy needs from production to consumption, charging, storage and energy monitoring.

Greenvolt Next applies innovative solar energy solutions in the Greek market, through which, businesses can produce their own green energy, while at the same time the cost of their electricity bill is being reduced. In that way, the company cover the energy it consumes, while at the same time, it is given the possibility to use the network for storage of green energy, produced by solar system.


Solar PPA – Zero Investment Solution

Solar PPA  Zero Investment Solution, is the proposal that differentiates Greenvolt Next in the Greek market, thus through this solution, the company reduces both its energy cost and its environmental footprint, with zero investment. Greenvolt Next, invests in the business, assuming all costs from the installation of the photovoltaic system, to its operation and maintenance. The business, with zero investment on its side, focuses on its development and takes all benefits of the partnership.

With Solar PPA solution, there is zero investment needed from the business – customer and at the same time the value of fixed assets increases because of the solar installation. Greenvolt’s Next team undertakes all stages of projects implementation from installation permissions, study, design, installation, all operational costs as well as the risk of the investment.

Solar PPA – Zero Investment, refers to small or big businesses, aiming to give and apply integrated green energy solutions.

In Greece, the control and energy saving applications as well as Solar PPA – Zero Investment solution, refer to hotel units and tourist accommodations, in which the energy costs is vital for the sustainability and development, in industries that the energy cost directly affects the production and the goods’ pricing, in the field of cars, logistics, food retail as well as education and health, where businesses have high energy costs.


Solar EPC solution

Solar EPC solution requires that the customer invests for the construction of his solar system. In that case, the customer finances the construction of the photovoltaic system and Greenvolt’s Next executive team takes over the procedures for permissions, study, design and construction. The quality of installation is ensured by the team and the delivery is ensured just before the start of operation of the photovoltaic system.

Greenvolt Next with its green solutions, supports the energy transition of businesses and contributes in reducing environmental footprint. It has international experience and a specialized team for the development and delivery of B2B photovoltaic solutions and undertakes all stages of project implementation, from planning and installation to its delivery to the customer. The study and design fully covers the energy needs of each customer and conditions that exist in its facility.

Greenvolt Next, will participate in Forward Green exhibition, in Thessaloniki, on June 8-10, which aims to contribute to the implementation of a new business concept for the country, based on the circular economy, green development and the transformation of models for a more sustainable world.

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