Lazaros Tsonis – Interview at ”Money and Tourism” – January 2023

Globalsat technology solutions: modernizing and strengthening hotel’s competitiveness.

In nowadays competitive tourism market, hotels seek their own transformation, with basic pillars energy saving, the integration of technological solutions and applications as well as the quality upgrading of services and visitors’ overall experience. Globalsat, having experience in the hotel industry, has developed a range of integrated solutions, only for hotel units, that ensures their modernization, developing its services in four main areas: professional displays and digital signage solutions, green solar energy solutions, IoT Smart Metering technology and electric vehicle charging solutions.  και τέλος λύσεις φόρτισης ηλεκτρικών οχημάτων. Mr. Lazaros Tsonis, Sales director of Globalsat – Teleunicom Group analyzes how integrated solutions that Group offers, can digitally and and energetically transform the modern hotel.

How do you imagine the Greek market for trading technology products, home and small appliances?

As a result of global health crisis, a new era for technology was created that push both companies and consumers to search for solutions for a more comfortable and easy everyday life. That need of new technologies is nowadays a basic need in market. As one of the leading companies in distribution and marketing of technology products, telecommunications , home and small appliances representing top technology brands of the global market in Greece, we have fully adapted to this trend. In the last 5 years we have expanded and continue to develop our portfolio of products and services, developing integrated professional solutions, based on technology aiming to give our partners the chance to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the context of digital transformation.

What exactly are the services and products that you offer in the Greek hotel market?

Globalsat, at a level of professional technology solutions, offers a comprehensive portfolio of services aimed at the modern hotel that is being  digitally transformed and seeks to enhance its competitiveness in the modern era. The company focused to upgrading and modernizing the quality of services and on digital transformation of a business, provides professional displays and digital signage solutions, in the context of  long – term partnership with Samsung, as exclusive distributor of its technology products. Additionally, as an official commercial agent of Blink Charging Hellas, Globalsat provides integrated solutions for the supply management and interconnection of electric vehicle charging stations, adapted to the need of its point. A strategic priority for Globalsat is also the pillar of green transformation of businesses and in that context, company offers a wide range of specialized solutions that include the financing, study and installation of photovoltaic systems in buildings or plots of businesses, with the aim of utilizing solar energy and reducing energy costs. Moreover, through IoT Smart Metering solutions, is given the opportunity for the hotel to monitor and control the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water in its facilities remotely and in real time, by creating reports that can achieve even better saving.

Representing a number of international brands in the Greek market, what are the benefits that customers enjoy?

The Group enter its 3rd operational decade, taking advantage of its experience and power in distribution services, the powerful and ever-growing clientele in the retail and technology market and the power of top technology brands that represents. With the expansion and the development of professional solutions that provides, it is transformed to an integrated provider of business solutions not only in the Greek but also in the European Market offering holistic cooperation experience to its customers.

Your portfolio also include the development of Blink’s network of electric car charging stations in Greece. How important is this service for the Greek hotel and what are the prospects? 

Electromobility and electric vehicle have entered the market strongly, with more and more consumers choosing the,, shaping a new reality for how their charging network is developed. Hotels by providing the possibility of charging electric vehicles to their guests, create a competitive advantage while at the same time empower visitor’s experience and connect directly with environmental care. At Globalsat, we design and adapt charging solutions, based on the needs of each customer and location, making their transition to the new era easier and smooth. I truly believe that Greek tourism industry is ready to cope with the challenge and hotel units are already leading this in this field. Tourism, one of the driving forces of the Greek economy, must not stay aloof from developments and , and must take the lead in the field of change.

The energy cost has skyrocketed, creating great difficulties for Greek hotels. Tell us about the Smart Metering solution.

Businesses can now benefit form technology, by tracking and reducing their operational cost, avoiding damaging waste. Through a series of appropriate tools that Globalsat’s ΙοΤ (Internet of Things) and Smart Metering offers , the hotel can monitor remotely and in real time the consumption of electrical energy, natural gas and water, while  at the same time control air’s quality by calculating the atmospheric pointer. Globalsat’s experienced team, studies the needs of each unit, designs the best solution and installs the smart meters. Information from the automatic meters is gathered, recorded and monitored through Globalsat’s IoT platform, and the hotel enjoys remote control of connections, report, reduced electricity consumption and reduced operating costs.

You are also active in the photovoltaic sector. What are your services and what should hoteliers look out for?

At Globalsat, we have specialized energy generation solutions, that include the development, design and the installation of self consumption photovoltaic systems. With the energy production of through photovoltaic panels, that are installed on buildings and plots of tourist units, the hotel can produce its own energy, achieves savings on the electricity bill and contributes to the energy transformation and the creation of a sustainable world, at environmental, social and economical field. Globalsat, with its business model PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) that has launched in the Greek Market, the study and installation of photovoltaic system is been provided by Globalsat itself, without any  investment from the part of business customer. Through the PPA model, undertakes the design and construction permits, engineering, design, installation, maintenance of the solar facility, operating costs, project and investment risk, and the business. The tourism business remains committed to its own object and invests any available funds in the expansion of its activities, enjoys the benefits of operating a photovoltaic system in its facilities. It also, limits its dependence from the electric energy network, achieves a reduction in Regulatory Fees on the electricity bill, while at the same time increasing the value of of its fixed assets and reduces its environmental footprint.

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