New charging stations for electric vehicles in all Praktiker stores in Attica.

New charging stations for electric vehicles in all Praktiker stores in Attica.


Globalsat, as the commercial representative of Blink Charging Hellas, led Blink and Praktiker to cooperation, resulting in the installation of blink charging stations in all Praktiker stores in Attica.

Praktiker’s partnership with Globalsat for the installation of charging stations in its network of stores indicates the company’s environmental sensitivity, as well as its focus on innovation and customer service, applying modern energy saving practices. Actions like those of Praktiker support the private initiative and the modernization of the country, so that electromobility becomes a daily occurrence in the present.

The Blink Mode 3 AC 2×22 charging stations were installed and operate at the following points: Praktiker Pallini, Praktiker Elliniko, Praktiker Mandra, Praktiker Metamorfosi, Praktiker Agia Varvara. In the Praktiker store in Tavros, two double charging stations have been installed, in order to better serve the needs of the customers of the store and the wider area.

Globalsat has entered the rapidly growing industry of the electric automobility in order to expand its circle of collaborations and offer its customers better integrated solutions. In order to provide electric mobility solutions, it has strategically partnered with Blink Europe, the company that is leading the way in the electric automobility market.

The charging network of Blink electric vehicles in Greece already has charging points every 50 kilometers from city to city. It covers the needs of both urban and long-distance electric transportation and is constantly enhancing and expanding. The following link shows Blink electric car charging network in Greece:

Mr. Costas Agrafiotis, General Manager of Globalsat comments were: “We are very proud of our cooperation with Praktiker, as it pioneers innovative initiatives aimed at providing the best customer service. Electric cars are here, dozens of models are available in the Greek market, and most of them are subsidized by the state. In the near future, private companies and Municipalities throughout Greece will install thousands of charging points. Our goal is to play a leading role in this market and to strengthen the network of Blink Charging Hellas, actively strengthening the electricity market in our country.”

About Globalsat:

GLOBALSAT is one of the largest distribution companies of technology products, household appliances and office automation in Greece. More specifically, it is active in the distribution of mobile telephony and IT/gaming products, household and consumer electronics, picture and sound, garden furniture and toys for children. The company cooperates with the largest manufacturers of technology products, which sells to Greek market and its final consumers through its network of partners. In addition, Globalsat provides B2B professional solutions that meet the needs of companies operating in all sectors of economy.

More Information:

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About Praktiker:

Praktiker Hellas, counting 29 years of presence in the Greek market, is the No. 1 Hellenic Network DIY & Home Improvement, educating consumers about the “Do-it-Yourself” philosophy. Having 16 stores with a total area of 100,000 sq.m., a successful e-shop and two b2b Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki exclusively for professionals, it offers annually to more than 6,000,000 customers top shopping experiences, for every small or big change. At the same time, it is a one-stop-shop for every need of the home and the garden, providing 50,000 products and integrated services every day. Since April 2014, the company has been incorporated into the leading Canadian Group Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, known for its significant track record of successful investments in international companies with strong growth prospects, and for the long-term growth of corporate values since 1985.

Praktiker Hellas A.E.

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About Blink:

Blink Charging Co. (NASDAQ: BLNK, BLNKW) is one of the leading US companies in the field of product distribution and services for electric vehicle charging. It owns and operates networks of electric vehicle charging stations while also providing connectivity with Blink International, a cloud-based platform that operates, maintains, and tracks all of the EV charging stations connected to the network and the associated charging data. In Europe, it operates through Blink Charging Europe, a joint venture between the Greek Energy Group EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), and the American BLINK CHARGING Co. Starting from Greece, Blink Charging Hellas focuses on promoting the urban charging model while supports the development of a national EV charging network.

Blink Charging Hellas

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Communication and Operations Manager

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