New strategic partnership of KAE PANATHINAIKOS AKTOR with GLOBALSAT Group


KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR is very pleased to announce its new partnership with Globalsat Group, which has been a pioneer in the field of technology for more than 20 years and is now expanding its activities in the rapidly evolving field of green energy.

In the context of the cooperation between the two companies, GLOBALSAT will offer technological solutions, display and digital signage solutions as well as green energy solutions for the digital and energy transformation of OAKA (Olympic Athletic Center of Athens “Spiros Louis”), so as to update the quality of services and the overall experience of the fans, visitors and employees of the leading sports center. In addition to the newly renovated VIP Lounge of OAKA indoor basketball court, indoor and outdoor digital signage signage, as well as the highly impressive Wall All-In-One signage, ensure an advanced visual entertainment experience without limits to its guests.

Mr. Seraphim Voulgaris, Chief of Revenues and Strategic Partnerships of KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR stated in this regard:

“This is a new strategic and essential collaboration with features of increased added value between two companies, leaders in their field. Globalsat leads the Greek market in the field of technology and green energy with an impressive track record of successful commercial activities, while through its recent partnerships it is committed to supporting the transition to a greener future through technological innovation and solution provision.

At KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR we wish to offer our sports fans a mesh of technologically innovative solutions and “green” approaches enhancing the fan experience. With Globalsat we share the same system of values and common goals by committing to a value system of corporate governance which strengthens the quality dimension of our cooperation. We are moving forward with the support of Globalsat and are committed to a set of technological upgrades and green solutions at our “home”, OAKA.

We hope that this new collaboration between KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR and Globalsat Group will be creative, multi-faceted and successful, characteristics that the course of both organizations attests to the present. Let’s move forward to the greenest partnership!”

Mr. Yannis Ghikas, Chief Strategy Officer of Globalsat Group stated about the new collaboration:

“Our vision at Globalsat is to leave a positive footprint by improving everyday conditions for everyone through technology and green energy solutions. In the effort to fulfill our vision, we join forces with the leading team in the history of Greek sports and one of the leading in Europe! Our support to KAE PANATHINAIKOS in its decision to improve the experience of watching games at OAKA and to upgrade basketball as a whole was self-evident since we share common goals and a strong will to succeed. So we embark on a journey to the stars through technology, green energy and the green team that knows how to succeed and reach the for the top better than anyone!”

About Globalsat Group

Globalsat Group leads the way in the Greek market in the field of technology, providing integrated professional solutions, in the context of digital and energy transformation, with added value services including Outsourced Category Management, DaaS solutions, etc.

In addition, Globalsat supports the green transition of businesses in Greece, offering a full range of specialized solutions including EV charging solutions (through its partnership with Blink), financing and installation of photovoltaic systems to corporate customers (through its partnership with Greenvolt Next Greece) and IoT Smart Metering solutions for the private and public sectors.

The Group has exclusive partnerships with leading companies in the global market such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and cooperates closely with retailers, telecommunication providers and private and public sector enterprises in Greece, Romania and Cyprus.

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Katia Poulogianni, Communication Director

Tel: +30 210 36 33 144


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