SENCOR Super Vacuum Blender preserves nutrients in fruits vegetables for up to 24 hours.

Sencor ‘s Super Vacuum Blender is designed to offer flexibility in a fast way of life, favoring everyone who follows a healthy lifestyle.  Enhancing the taste of all recipes, it keeps the taste fresh as it reduces the rate of oxidation of their ingredients. In that way, juices and smoothies keep their nutritional properties for a longer period of time, creating a substantial difference in the final nutritional result.

Vacuum technology.

Sencor’s Super Vacuum Blender purees fruits, vegetables and other ingredients, by giving them a smooth and silky texture in the sauce preparation, veloute soupe, ice cream, etc. , while at the same time enhances flavor in juice recipes and smoothies. It works just like a classic blender with one key difference: vacuum technology reduces oxidation, retains vitamins, keeping smoothies fresh up to 24 hours after blending. One can mix in a vacuum, store the drink in the fridge and enjoy it at any time of the day.

Oxygen is necessary for the multiplication of microbes, which contribute to the composition of food  and as it disappears from the container, mixing and storage is done in a vacuum.  In that way, fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients up to 24 hours. The vacuum also keeps the vitamin content of the food high, as the blending takes place without oxygen, minimizing the oxidation process.

Healthy recipes with more taste and natural color.

The fisrt thing that someone can notice in the result of recipes is the their color, compared to the classic pulping process. Smoothies no longer have the usual layer of bubbles on the surface, while the drink remains fresh for longer. The intense taste is one more feature of Vacuum’s unique technology, by adding extra deliciousness in favorite recipes. The food can also be kept in in the special containers in the refrigerator for several days, with less vitamin loss compare to traditional blenders.

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