The New Logic of Work: Integrated solutions you need for a modern hybrid work environment.

”Hybrid work” frequently came into our lives. We would say that came forcibly and fast with the corona virus pandemic. Businesses had to find a way to continue being productive, so a new model, which had already operated for years abroad, came in Greece too.

The speed with which we moved to «work 2.0» was gorgeous. In a few months, thousand of companies first embraced remote working and then hybrid model, according to which employees have the flexibility to work some days from their home and the rest from their office, cutting the week in half.

The big difference between hybrid and traditional model of work is that in the first one employees can do their work from wherever they want, while have the chance to work in different hours per day. However, necessary condition for an operational model, is for businesses to have modern and efficient solutions, for its creation and support.

This is exactly what Globalsat – Teleunicom Group offers, in cooperation with Logitech, one of the leading companies in innovative video conferencing systems worldwide.

Choosing the right peripherals

It is characteristic that PC users, press more that 11.000 keys per day or 3 million per year and at the same time click 4.000 times, everyday. So, the needs in modern peripherals is durability, performance and ergonomics. Perhaps, to these, especially when talking about work environment, we would add zero noise.

Logitech, therefore, not only has the most modern, innovative series of keyboards and mouses, ideal for businesses, but also introduced the exclusive SilentTouch technology, that eliminates up to 90% of noise that keyboard and mouse make, offering the same feeling of clicking and typing, without annoying sounds during worktime.

Since 2015, Logitech and its brands have won more than 250 design awards from important organizations worldwide. Moreover, Logitech has recognized twice, in 2018 and 2020, as one of top 10 leading and innovative companies, in the context of design.

At the same time has launched the the Master series, on the Greek market, a series of products that unleash the abilities to create and execute tasks. MX products, that are created with ergonomic comfort, smart backlight, MagSpeed, on glass sensors, USB fast charging, Easy Switch technology, compatibility with many operational systems, FLOW for cross device working and app based personalization,  maximizing the work flow of experienced digital creates.

Moreover, at Logitech, products are designed to offer excellent user experience and minimize environmental footprint. A part of plastics of keyboards is made from recycled end of life devices (PCR). The aluminum case for keyboards is made from low carbon emissions aluminum, that is produced with renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, for lower carbon impact. It’s worth noticing that Logitech products’ carbon footprint has reduced to zero supporting forestry, renewable energy sources and climate affected communities.

The importance of maximum image and sound performance.

In hybrid work model, video calls are very important. So, employees should be able to clearly see and hear their colleagues in order or their work to flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Logitech has the most technologically advanced image and sound solutions. Logitech’s web cameras are chosen by 67% of professionals worldwide, and video conferencing have brought Swiss company in the first place internationally, while 51%  of businesses utilize its products in their daily operation.

Webcams of Brio series and Zone Vibe headphones are dealing with users that work from home, while modernizing work experiences. Webcams create corporate sound and video quality, personalization and more exciting experience in videocalls. Logitech’s new webcams series, Brio 500, offers Show Mode which makes it easy to share sketches or other natural objects in the office. With an innovative supporting system allows user to   επιτρέπει στους χρήστες tilt the camera down to focus on objects while the camera has the ability to automatically invert the image to render the correctνα κλίνουν videocall orientation.

A t the same time, the new Zone Vibe series of Logitech, are the first wireless headphones on the market to combine professional level performance, style and affordability. They are designed to be comfortable for all day remote collaboration, creating ideal audio conditions during video calls.

The meeting room that every company needs

The equipment of meeting rooms with modern teleconferencing systems that allow easy installation, ability of easy usage and stability in operation but also the rapid rate of investment payback, isa key issue for every business which has moved to a new digital era.

Logitech’s Rooms solution which Globalsat suggests its corporate clients, has all those features, that needs every modern business needs: has stability in operation, is easy in usage, has fully embodied systems Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, without any PC connection needed, allows management from a specific place, offers safety in communication and does not require the connection from company’s IT team.

”Rooms system” consists of five key elements:

1. The appropriate camera – audio – microphone product, depending on the square footage and meeting room’s morphology.

2. The system checkpoint.

3. Room booking panel, that is being installed to every room.

4. Peripherals, that reinforce the audio and image.

5. The license to use software, such as Microsoft 365, Zoom or Google Workspace, so that connection to video conferences is possible.

Rooms system, creates an independent room, with its own «account» and calendar, shown as «location» from all users, with a stable system, top usability, high audio and image quality, without any PC needing from users. Globalsat’s experienced team suggests personalized solutions, for every company’s different needs, so as the Rooms system meets users’ needs.

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