Creating the modern hotel, with Globalsat’s integrated solutions.

Creating the modern hotel, with Globalsat’s integrated solutions.

Tourism businesses and hospitality units are being digitally transformed to welcome the modern visitor. Globalsat, one of the leading companies in Greece in the provision of professional technology solutions, provides an integrated portfolio of services aimed at the modern hotel and strengthens its competitiveness in the modern era, upgrades the quality of its services and the experience to its guests, ijmproves the functionality of businesses processes and contributes to significant cost savings.

Samsung Professional Displays & Digital Signage Solutions

We provide integrated solutions, which offer advanced functions to the visitor and the hotel unit, utilizing Samsung’s technology. Solutions include hotel TVs, indoor and outdoor digital signage displays, professional Wall and Cinema LED displays that ensure an advanced entertainment experience for guests.

Blink Electric Solutions

As an official commercial representatative of Blink Charging Hellas, we provide modern hotel units with comprehensive services for the supply, management and interconnection of charging stations. With electric vehicles rapidly becoming an integral part of the choices of modern hotel guests, we design customized charging solutions based on the needs of each location, easing their transition into the new era and bringing benefits both in business sustainability and environmental protection.


Through the power of IoT and the Smart Metering Solution, we enable hotel units to systematically and in real time monitor the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water in their facilities as well as to control the air quality by measuring atmospheric indicator. Globalsat’s team studies the needs of each unit, designs the optimal solution and installs the smart meters.  Information from the automated meters is collected, recorded and monitored via Globalsat’s IoT platform and the hotel enjoys remote control of connections , detailed reports reduced electricity consumption and reduced operating costs.

Solar Energy Solutions 

We have specialized power generation solutions, design and installation of self-consumption photovoltaic projects. By producing energy through photovoltaic panels, which are installed in the buildings or the plots of the tourist units, the hotel produces its own energy, achieves significant saving on the electricity bill and contributes to the energy transformation and the creation of a more sustainable world in environmental, social and economic level.

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