We provide integrated financing & installation solutions for PV systems to companies that wish to accelerate their energy transition

Self-production & Self-consumption Solutions

Through our partnership with the Portuguese Greenvolt Group and the creation of Greenvolt Next, we offer integrated green energy solutions for the modern business which fully cover its energy needs from production to consumption. Greenvolt Next solutions concern the study, construction, maintenance and operation of self-consumption photovoltaic projects and the development of Energy Communities projects in order to product energy from renewable energy sources. Its main goal is the sustainable development and transition of businesses to the new energy era in local and regional level.

Partnership benefits for Globalsat customers

Complete solution that combines energy production and storage, e-mobility, real-time recording and monitoring of production and consumption
Financing up to 100% of the project
Stability and control of the energy price for the entire period of the cooperation agreement
Full control of energy consumption from the customer’s side
Construction, energy production, project performance guarantee
Specialized team with international experience
Complete undertaking and management of a project, from the licensor to delivery to the customer
Customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each business


Our Advantages

We have international experience and a specialized team for the development and implementation of PV solutions that meet the needs of every business customer. We undertake all stages of project development, from planning to delivery to the customer, taking into account the customer’s energy needs as well as the conditions existing in the company’s premises.

Business model with two different options: without any investment from the customer’s side or with investment from the customer’s side

Reducing dependence on the network

Stability in the price of energy

Management of energy production and consumption from the customer’s side

Increasing the value of the company’s assets

Provision of manufacturing, production and performance guarantees

Strengthening the environmental footprint of the business

Reduction of C02 emissions


Choose the business model that meet your needs 


Solar PPA – Zero Investment solution is the proposal that differentiates us in the Greek market, as through it the company reduces its energy costs and its environmental footprint without any investment. We undertake the financing and costs of the PV system installation, operation and maintenance to maximize solar energy production, as well as all project and investment risk.


Solar EPC – Risk Free solution ensures the customer a reduction in energy costs and a reduction in grid dependency. We undertake all the procedures for the licensing, study, design, supply of the equipment, construction and management of the photovoltaic system. The financing of the project is carried out by the client company, while the quality of the installation is ensured by the Greenvolt Next team of experts.


Solar Storage – Own your Energy solution combines the installation of a solar energy production unit with an energy storage unit. The solution is particularly important during periods when production exceeds demand as well as during periods of low solar radiation or high demand, as the energy stored in the batteries is used to meet the energy needs of the business.

Running Model

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The experience and dedication of our specialized team of professionals create new paths and form a society that invest in the future of our country.

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