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Charging solutions
for Residential Use by Huawei

Globalsat, as the commercial dealer of Blink Charging Hellas, develops the network of Blink EV charging stations in Greece and provides integrated services of supply, management and interconnection of charging stations in every business that wish to provide a modern provision with ecological sign in their premisses.


We offer AC (Mode 3) fast charging  and DC (Mode 4) super fast charging  stations. AC chargers are single-socket (1x22kW) and two-socket (2x22kW), respectively, while two-socket charging stations can serve two electric vehicles simultaneously.
All vehicles operating in the European market are compatible with Type 2 sockets and by extension with chargers.

EQ 200 – AC Charging Station


It is offered for wall mounting or pole mounting and is suitable for parking lots, shopping malls, office buildings, hotel facilities, public spaces and also in cases where space is limited.


DC 50kW (Mode 4) Charging Station


Blink Mode 4 (DC) charging stations offer electric vehicle users the possibility of ultra-fast charging at 50kW. These chargers have one or two outputs with CCS2 or CHAdeMO options.


DC 50kW (Mode 4) Charging Cable


Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to charging your eVehicle. Our cable is optimized for fast charging, allowing you to power up your vehicle quickly and efficiently, so you can get back on the road with minimal downtime.



for Globalsat’s corporate customers

  • Integrated services of supply, management and interconnection of e-mobility charging stations.
  • Personalized agreements based on partners’ needs.
  • Installation of smart chargers, which provide connectivity to Blink’s online platform.
  • Maintenance and upgrading of chargers for the entire duration of the agreement.
  • 24/7 supervision and remote troubleshooting of charging stations.
  • Full insurance coverage of the chargers for the entire duration of the agreement, at no extra cost.
  • Possibility to expand the installation in the future depending on the trends of e-mobility in the area.
  • Ability to create preferential invoicingand discount packages.
  • Display of the business in the “Blink Charging Mobile” app and on the website
  • Strengthening corporate social responsibility and ecological sensitivity.

Download Blink Charging Mobile App


1. Why should I install charging stations in my business?

Because it turns your space into the primary destination of every electric vehicle driver, giving your business that great comparative advantage. During charging, the owner of the electric vehicle stays at your place for more time and this is at least encouraging towards the services and products you offer. The value of your building increases while you benefit from potential advertising profits. In addition, the status of your business is enhanced, as you obtain an eco-label.

2. What kind of charging does Blink chargers offer?

Blink offers AC fast charging (Mode 3) and DC super fast charging (Mode 4) stations. The fast charging stations have one and/or two Type 2 sockets, each with a power of 22kW, thus serving up to two users of electric vehicles at the same time. All vehicles on the European market are compatible with Type 2 sockets. The super fast DC chargers have a power output of 50kW.

3. Where can I spot Blink charging points?

All Blink charging points are displayed on the map which is available via the Blink Charging Mobile app as well as other popular electric car driver information platforms (PlugShare etc.). For each charging point, the exact address of the charger’s location is indicated, while real-time information is provided about the power of the charger, its availability and the cost of the service provided.

4. What is the charging process?

The charging process is extremely simple and is described in the following 3 steps:

1. Connect the charging cable to the charger socket and the car and wait until the charger LEDs turn yellow.

2. Approach the RFID card to the card reader located above the charger socket. Alternatively, select from the map of the Blink Charging Mobile app, the charger and the outlet to which you have connected the charging cable. In a few seconds, the LEDs turn from yellow to blue and charging begins.

3. To complete charging, bring the RFID closer to the card reader again or alternatively press the icon displayed on your mobile screen. The LEDs turn yellow again, the cable unlocks and you can now remove it from your vehicle.

Charging solutions for residential use

Through our partnership with Huawei Digital Power, we offer a cost-effective, easy-to-use and fast residential charging solution.

Huawei’s residential charger,

is a cost effective, easy to use and fast charging solution. With easy installation and small dimensions, it is the right solution for all homes. Plug in your car, finish charging and get on with your day!


The Smart Charger is the ideal charging option for all electric vehicles. It automatically switches between single-phase and three-phase charging, and various functions can be selected, such as fast charging and pre-setting scheduled charging times. The smart charger is compatible with all common charging cables and access to the charging station is secured using RFID, Bluetooth and the associated FusionSolar app.

Huawei Smart Charger


The charger features high security, e-lock cable for anti-theft device and full control via the FusionSolar app.
It offers dynamic charging performance through automatic detection and adjustment of charging power. It is installed in just 16 minutes and the charger weighs only 3.5 kg!


DC 50kW (Mode 4) Charging Cable


Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to charging your eVehicle. Our cable is optimized for fast charging, allowing you to power up your vehicle quickly and efficiently, so you can get back on the road with minimal downtime.



1. Why should I choose an electric vehicle?

While EVs might have a higher upfront cost, they often have lower operating costs due to cheaper electricity compared to gasoline. Additionally, EVs have fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance costs over time. Moreover, EVs are more efficient than internal combustion engines, meaning EVs can convert more energy from their batteries into powering the vehicle, resulting in better energy efficiency. With the global shift towards renewable energy and efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, investing in an EV can be seen as a future-proof choice.

2. I have bought a purely electric car, what power supply should I have at home?

A pure electric car will typically use up to 16A three-phase (11kW) or up to 32A single-phase (7.4kW). A three-phase 32A (22kW) charging station covers all cases.

3. I have bought a plug-in hybrid car, what power supply should I have at home?

A plug-in hybrid will typically use 16A or 32A single phase. If you charge it at a three-phase charging station, it will only draw power from one phase.

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