About the project

The smart sensors for cooling chambers are a complete, digital IoT solution of Globalsat with many possibilities. Through the power of IoT, the quality and safety of the products, the timely treatment of failures, as well as the reduction of the maintenance costs of the cabins are ensured.

The food store chain Ok! Anytime Markets SA, trusted Globalsat’s B2B Professional solutions in order to address the following daily challenges in the chain stores:

  • Systematic control of cooling chamber’s conditions, in order to anticipate the need for timely service
  • Possibility of predicting mechanical failure of the device
  • Real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the chambers, in order to prevent the destruction of their contents, from a possible change of their temperature

The chain OK! Anytime Markets SA is the first chain of Mini Super Markets in Greece and are the only ambassador of an organized network of convenience stores, which operate daily from 8.00 am to 23.00 pm. In order to reduce its operating costs, as well as protection and better maintenance of its equipment and goods, it has already placed in the refrigerators of the branches of Holargos and Glyfada, the smart sensors. Through the smart sensors, the measurement and monitoring of the temperature of the chambers, the control of the current voltage in real time, the immediate notification in case of change of measurements as well as the receipt of statistical data is achieved. All this in real time and remotely.

PartnerOk! Anytime Markets SA
In cooperation withGlobalsat B2B Department
DateMarch 2nd, 2021
SubjectIot Solutions