About the project

New charging stations for electric vehicles in all Praktiker stores in Attica.

Globalsat, as the commercial representative of Blink Charging Hellas, led Blink in cooperation with Praktiker Hellas resulting in the installation of Blink charging stations in all Praktiker stores in Attica. Praktiker’s partnership with Globalsat for the placement of charging stations in its Network stores indicates the company’s environmental sensitivity, as well as its focus on innovation and customer service, applying modern energy saving practices. The Blink Mode 3 AC 2×22 charging stations were installed and operate at the following points: Praktiker of Pallini, Praktiker of Elliniko, Praktiker of Mandra, Praktiker of Metamorfosi, Praktiker of Agia Varvara. In the Praktiker store in Tavros, two double charging stations have been installed, in order to better serve the needs of the customers of the store and the wider area. Globalsat-Teleunicom has entered the fast-growing electric vehicle industry with the aim of expanding its business partnerships and offering its customers integrated solutions through its strategic partnership with Blink Charging Hellas, the company that leads the electric vehicle market. Globalsat-Teleunicom’s goal is to play a leading role in the electricity market and to strengthen the network of Blink Charging Hellas, actively participating in the development of  electricity market in Greece. The charging network of Blink electric vehicles in Greece already has charging points every 50 kilometers and from city to city. It covers the needs of both urban and interurban electric vehicles and is constantly thickening and growing.

The following link shows Blink electric car charging network in Greece:

https://blinkcharging.gr/evodigos/%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B1%CE%B8%CE%BC%CE%BF%CE%AF-%CF%86%CE%BF%CF% 81% CF% 84% CE% B9% CF% 83% CE% B7% CF% 82-blink /

Actions like those of Praktiker support the private initiative and the modernization of the country, so that electrification becomes the daily routine in the present.


PartnerPraktiker Hellas
In cooperation withGlobalsat B2B Department
DateJanuary 11th, 2021
SubjectBlink Electric Automobility Solutions