Globalsat partners with AVE for IoT Smart Metering Solution

Brief description of the Project:

AVE group of companies, is a group with a diverse activity and by choosing Globalsat’s integrated IoT energy solution, is a pioneer in the way AVE measures electricity and also in the way manages its energy sources. More specific AVE’s initial need was to separate its shared costs from the corresponding costs of the other companies with which is co-located.

Globalsat-IoT Smart Metering Solution:

Globalsat’s pre sales team by using IoT Smart Metering’s capabilities, proposed a specialized solution that meets AVE’s requirements.

More specifically Globalsat installed 24 automatic remote electricity controllers at many points with the aim of systematically controlling and monitoring the energy they consume.  Information is automatically collected , recorder and monitored through Globalsat’s IoT platform.

Then, Globalsat’s team trained the responsible member of AVE;s group to know how the platform works, so as to identify any unauthorized consumptions and be able to provided detailed instructions for the Hardware.


After installing 24 automated and remote electricity controllers, AVE group enjoys the following benefits:

  • Global Sim, working on all local networks
  • Remote connection control, per benchmark
  • Detailed reports included the original design
  • Support in configuring the Smart Power Metering

AVE utilizing ΙοΤ Smart Metering solution has manage to reduce electricity consumption up to 42.45% within 1 year of operation. This result came after the collection and analysis of data through automatic recording.