We offer new generation services through the power of IoT

We provide integrated IoT solutions that reinforce the competitiveness of the companies and digitize
their operations. IoT solutions are software programs that leverage data recorded using Internet of Things (IoT) devices, specializing in the data from one type of sensor or multiple sensors for identification a wider range of knowledge. IoT solutions help businesses cope opportunities faster: from connectivity and security to data management and analysis

Fleet Management

Fleet Management offers complete supervision and daily control of your fleet on a central server, while gaining insight into important information.

Fleet Management Features

  • Track and find location via POI/Geofences
  • Update every 40” about the location of the vehicle
  • Real-time monitoring of the temperature of the products in the moving vehicle and notifications about its change, in case the limit set has been exceeded
  • Notifications in case the driver’s doors are opened
  • Updates on the driving behavior of drivers
  • Updates in case the vehicle needs service or if the engine temperature rises or the tire pressure is low


Smart Sensors for chambers cooling is a comprehensive, digital IoT solution with many features. Through the IoT platform, the quality and safety of the products is ensured, the timely treatment of faults, as well as the reduction of the maintenance costs of the booths.


  • Monitoring and measuring the temperature of cold rooms in food supply companies, warehouses, refrigerators for soft drinks, ice cream, etc.
  • Measure and monitor the temperature either inside the refrigerator or outside in real time
  • Humidity monitoring and measurement
  • Electricity voltage monitoring
  • Track where the chamber is located
  • Control of the opening frequency of the doors of the cooling chamber
  • Demographics of people using the ward
  • Real-time usage statistics, execution of specific commands


Smart metering of electricity / gas / water

Through the power of IoT and its applications, we are now able to fully monitor the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water, but also to control air quality by measuring its atmospheric indicators. Smart meters are installed at points of consumption, in order to monitor their current consumption, without the need for an employee to visit the meter, creating both comparative historical data and estimates for the future consumption of each user.

Smart Metering Features

  • Measurement of energy consumption and other electrical quantities
  • Data logging every 15 minutes
  • Send data via 2G/4G to the central platform
  • Data storage for 12 months
  • Active and reactive power consumption control in KWh Volt, Ampere, Cosf
  • User-friendly interface with building layout and topology of meters in buildings

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