About the project

The Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia of the prefecture of Evia, aiming to its safe and smooth operation under any conditions, pioneers and adopts innovative practices in order to control and minimize the spread of  COVID-19 pandemic. So as to ensure public health, protection of its citizens and staff and wishing to continue to offer its services smoothly with care and absolute responsibility, the Municipality comes in collaboration with Globalsat-Teleunicom. The modern autonomous screening station for body temperature Thermocontrol by Promobot, has already been installed in the City Hall’s facilities. The screening station is located at the main entrance of the City Hall, so that both citizens and staff working in the City Hall, can measure their temperature. The autonomous screening station is exclusively distributed by Globalsat-Teleunicom in the Greek market and allows the automatic, intact, quickly and with the highest accuracy measurement without the presence of another employee in the process. The installation of the station in the premises of the City Hall was carried out by the trained technical staff of Globalsat-Teleunicom, who carried out tests to check the correct and effective operation of the device, while also training City Hall employees in order to know how to operate and use the station. After the installation of the station, Globalsat-Teleunicom continues to support the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia in order to ensure the smooth operation of the device. In this difficult period both companies and municipalities trust Globalsat-Teleunicom and its innovative and developing B2B professional solutions.

For further information about Thermocontrol, you may visit the following link: https://www.globalsat.gr/promobot-thermocontrol/

PartnerMunicipality of Dirfion-Messapia
In cooperation withGlobalsat B2B Department
DateNovember 5th, 2020
SubjectPromobot Body Temperature Solutions