About the project

It is a fact that COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as a new reality in which companies have been called upon to respond immediately, in order to protect the health of their employees and as a result, to ensure the continuity of their productive activity. In this light, the IFANTIS group, with a deep sense of social responsibility towards its staff, in the context of dealing with and preventing the pandemic, has installed in its factory facilities the modern autonomous screening station Thermocontrol by Promobot. Making use of the station, employees of IFANTIS group, were subjected to daily body measurement, intact, fast and with the highest accuracy, ensuring the protection of their overall health. The installation of Thermocontrol at the company’s premises was carried out by the trained technical staff of Globalsat-Teleunicom, who  tested and checked the device for its efficient while also training the staff of IFANTIS group, in order to know the mode of operation and use of the station. Following the installation at the group’s premises, Globalsat-Teleunicom continues to support IFANTIS in order to ensure the smooth operation of the device. The IFANTIS group, which has been a market leader in the production of cold cuts and other foodstuff since 1980, trusts Globalsat-Teleunicom’s B2B Professional Solutions and its specialized department, highlighting its work ethic and its immediate mobilization to continue its daily work.

For further information about Thermocontrol, you may visit the following link: https://www.globalsat.gr/promobot-thermocontrol/

PartnerIfantis Group
In cooperation withGlobalsat B2B Department
DateOctober 20th, 2020
SubjectPromobot Body Temperature Solutions