About the project

IMOB SA, which is active in the sales sector of mobile devices, computers, tablets and accessories, since 2014 until today has managed to create a stable network of partners and ensure its upward trend in the field of trade. Regarding the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic and with the immediate priority of protecting the health of its customers and employees, it came in collaboration with Globalsat-Teleunicom. The purpose of this cooperation was to place in its customer service area the modern Thermocontrol autonomous screening station by Promobot. Through the autonomous screening station, both the staff and the customers of IMOB SA, had the possibility of daily, contactless, fast and high-precision body measurement without the presence of an employee in the process. The installation of the station in IMOB SA store was carried out by the trained technical staff of Globalsat-Teleunicom who carried out tests to check the correct and efficient operation of the device while at the same time, training the staff in order for them to know the mode of operation and use of the station. Globalsat-Teleunicom continues to support the store, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the device. IMOB SA trusted B2B Professional Solutions of Globalsat-Teleunicom and its specialized department, highlighting its work concern and its immediate mobilization for the continuation of its daily operation.

For further information about Thermocontrol, you may visit the following link: https://www.globalsat.gr/promobot-thermocontrol/

PartneriMob SA
In cooperation withGlobalsat B2B Department
DateOctober 7th, 2020
SubjectPromobot Body Temperature Solutions