TCL refrigerators promote a healthy lifestyle by making our everyday life easier

Globalsat-Teleunicom Group companies brings award winning TCL electric devices, which offer a complete technology experience.

TCL, one of the biggest electronic brands worldwide, with products sold in more than 60 countries, has managed to be synonymous with innovation, thanks to the great manufacturing knowledge of its team, its integrated distribution chain and its state of the art production units, which guarantee the quality of its products. The awards winning technology TCL products, such TVs and white devices, came to Greece through Globalsat-Teleunicom Group companies, who leads the Greek market in distribution and marketing of technology products, home appliances and small appliances, with the aim of offering consumers the ultimate combination of technology and excellent design.

The key features of TCL refrigerators technology .

TCL refrigerators provide all smart functions that consumers need, giving them the opportunity to spend even more beautiful moments in their home and kitchen. TCL’s “ΑΑΤ” technology neutralizes unpleasant odors and bacteria that accumulate in the atmosphere of the refrigerator, with the continuous emission of negative oxygen ions from natural tourmaline. Thanks to TCL technology, food is kept in ideal conditions, contributing to a healthier everyday life.  While with the same commitment to the best preservation of food, the Multi Air Flow system, guarantees the right distribution of cold air inside the refrigerator and that the food will be kept in the best temperature, so as the food will be as fresh as possible for a long time. Finally, as ease of use is one of the main axes of TCL technology, the user can adjust the refrigerator through a digital touch screen as well as enjoy cold water at any moment, thanks t0 the water tap mechanism.

TCL energy saving, with Inventer motor.

Having the ability to continuously adjust its speed automatically, depending on the temperature, Inverter motor ensures temperature stability inside the refrigerator for better food preservation. Avoiding successive restarts, unlike common motors, that type of motor is more economical and quieter, while at the same time it has a longer life.

The smart functions of TCL refrigerators.

The smart TCL function, Total No Frost*, takes care of the temperature inside the refrigerator, so the freezer stays as it needs to be. Also, Swing Flow function distributes the cold air inside the refrigerator, while in case of the door remains open for long time, the temperature comes back to the normal level 20% faster. Finally, with Fresh Zone drawer, food such as fresh vegetables are saved is ideal conditions keeping the humidity level at 90%. While the Aroma Safe container guarantee reduced level of humidity keeping vegetables or other dry food fresh for longer. Finally, the LED lights at the insider can make you check each and every detail in the refrigerator.

TCL technology with smart features for use in freezers well.

TCL freezers, with a capacity of 198L and 142L, complement the concept of convenience in home equipment, combining technology with usability. With TCL freezers, the temperatures is electronically controlled, while with the super freeze super freeze function, the ideal distribution of cooling in the food is achieved. The ease of use of TCL never stops, while the freezers have adjustable feet and wheel for easy movement .

All TCL appliances in the Fridge-Freezer category are eligible for the Appliance Replacement, which means that interested parties can get a subsidy of 30-50% on the purchase of new TCL appliance by recycling an old appliance in the same category.

About Globalsat – Teleunicom Group companies.

Globalsat-Teleunicom Group companies, leads the Greek market in the distribution and ,marketing of technology products and home appliances  and small appliances and at the same time develops specialized professional solutions, taking advantage of new technologies and the opportunities that arise in the context of the digital revolution. The Group has exclusive partnerships with leading international brands, such as Samsung, Huawei, TCL and Sencor and collaborates with all companies in the telecommunications and technology sector as well as with all retail network in Greece and Cyprus. Moreover, as part of the strategic plan to expand the activities of Globalsat-Teleunicom Group in new markets, Globalsat started its collaboration with Bilnk Charging Hellas in 2020, taking over, as a commercial agent, the development of Blink’s network of electric car charging stations in Greece. At the same time, through the subsidiaries Retail and More and Anadisis Smart, the Group is active in the retail sales of consumer goods (food retail), as well as the development of specialized artificial intelligence applications (AI & machine learning platforms).

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