We evolve distribution services

Outsourced Category Management Solutions service is a specialized and integrated solution, that Globalsat
plans and develops on behalf of its business customers / partners.

Globalsat undertakes the management, development and distribution of the product categories selected by each partner, leveraging its partnerships with international recognized brands, its know-how and its extensive network worldwide.

About Outsourcing Services

Globalsat’s Outsourced Category Management Solutions are a systematic, integrated, specialized and fact-based solution for optimizing its strategic partners supply base and improving the overall value proposition. They are
incorporate business and commercial processes with supply chain management processes and involve their robust, continuous and systematic synchronization.

The customer outsources the process of managing specific product categories to the Group, taking advantage of the company’s know-how, long-term experience, as well as its partnerships with the manufacturers and brands that already cooperates with.

The specialized Outsourcing Services department following the product range it has proposed and selected and based upon the needs and strategic direction of each partner, proceeds to the supply of stores (physical and non-physical) through automatic feedback systems, while at the same time it monitors and manages the product stocks. The well-trained and selected team of merchandisers, connects the products with the end consumers addressed to each of our partners, while guaranteeing the correct implementation of the procedures, following the plan and the specifications desired by each retail chain.

The brands we distribute

At Globalsat we develop long-term collaborations with market’s top leading brands and undertake the creation of private label on behalf of our partners according to their needs.


Private label

The following partners trust the Οutsourced Category Management Solutions of GLOBALSAT:


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